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CareAsOne: An Advanced In-Home Care and Home Health Hiring Platform, Powered by an Innovative Digital Network

UNITED STATES, August 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — CareAsOne, an innovative digital network developed by Vijai Bhatti, is set to revolutionize the in-home care and home health hiring industry. With soaring demand for in-home healthcare due to an aging and growing population of Baby Boomers, pandemic-related safety concerns, and the massive workforce shortage the industry faces, CareAsOne aims to bridge the gap by connecting care professionals and organizations like never before.

As a comprehensive web and mobile platform, CareAsOne operates in over 40 cities across the country, including major metropolitan areas in California. The platform facilitates instant connections and hiring processes via messaging and live videos, enabling caregivers and CNAs to collaborate and establish professional relationships with the nation’s top senior care companies. This novel approach to building virtual communities on a local and national scale offers a much-needed solution to the challenges faced by the care industry.

“The isolation of patients and their caregivers create a need in the ecosystem for connections that go beyond providing physical care. We believe this new CareAsOne News Feed will reduce isolation and build a more solid network for caregivers across the country,” said Vijai Bhatti, founder of CareAsOne. The social news feed caters to a wide variety of topics, ranging from direct caregiving struggles, medical issues, to navigating insurance resources. This allows care industry professionals to like, comment, and share in this supportive network.

The platform’s ability to make connections within a growing caregiver audience helps expand the collective network and promote a genuine understanding of their shared experiences. “This will attract a large audience that will increase as caregivers connect with each other to grow their caregiver network. Plus, they access genuine support and education with others who really understand what they are going through,” Bhatti added.

By offering seamless connection and hiring functionalities, CareAsOne is poised to be the go-to solution catering to today’s in-home and home healthcare challenges, setting the stage for a connected and supportive industry that benefits both care professionals and patients.

For more information on CareAsOne and how to join the digital community, visit careasone.com.

Michael Broughton
Care As One
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/650702713/careasone-an-advanced-in-home-care-and-home-health-hiring-platform-powered-by-an-innovative-digital-network

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