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Celebrating 25 Years of “One Man’s Hero,” Film that United Belfast’s Mayor & Gerry Adams During Good Friday Agreement

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — As the world remembers the historic Good Friday Agreement of 1998, the film “One Man’s Hero” directed by Lance Hool is being hailed for its role in bringing people together. Twenty-five years ago, the movie premiered at the Arts Festival in Belfast, Ireland, and made a profound impact on the Unionist Mayor of Belfast and Gerry Adams, who hugged at the end of the screening.

“One Man’s Hero” tells the true story of the Irish Battalion called “The San Patricios,” who changed sides from the US Army to the Mexican Army during the Mexican-American War. The film had a successful screening at the Academy theater, leading to Gerry inviting director/producer Lance Hool, producer Conrad Hool, and star Tom Berenger to premiere the movie at the Arts Festival in Belfast.

The screening was attended by prominent figures such as Stephen Fry, Patrick Bergin, Martin Sheen, Fionnula Flanagan, Tom Hayden, and many of the cast. The event was not without controversy as the Unionists were initially not invited, but they showed up unexpectedly. Mayor Gerry Adams made sure they were welcomed and even disarmed.

At the end of the screening, with a standing ovation, Gerry and the Lord Mayor hugged. This moment marked a significant turning point in Northern Ireland’s history as the talks for the Good Friday Agreement began shortly after.

However, the film’s success in the US was hampered by the then-head of MGM, Frank Mancuso, who refused to give it any support, claiming that it would embolden Mexicans. Nevertheless, “One Man’s Hero” found success in other parts of the world.

Lance Hool, the director/producer of the film, expressed his gratitude for the impact the movie has had on bringing people together. He said, “I am thrilled that ‘One Man’s Hero’ played a small role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland. It is incredible to think that a movie can have such a significant impact on people’s lives.”

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of “One Man’s Hero,” let us remember the power of cinema to bring people together, regardless of their backgrounds and beliefs.

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