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Coming to Life:Chinese Version of ‘A Dog’s Tale’ Highlights Duo Duo Project’s Decade-Long Battle Against Dog Meat Trade

We’ve established ourselves as a thought leader and built a powerful, successful movement”

— Andrea Gung

SUNNYVALE , CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES , May 23, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The power of a movie to connect with audiences on a deep level and shed light on pressing social issues cannot be overstated. The remarkable success of the Chinese adaptation of “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” is a testament to this fact. The film, which has been a box office hit since its release in March 2023, signals a shifting attitude towards animal rights in China.

Unlike the original, the remake of the movie features a Chinese field dog rather than an Akita, a Japanese breed. The mixed breed dog represents a growing concern for the lives of mutts and strays, who are frequent victims of the meat trade.

Estimates are that 10 million dogs are slaughtered every year for this reason. While rounded-up strays account for much of the supply, so do stolen pets. In China, people who eat dogs cling to the superstition that it will bring them health and virility.

The warm reception for “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” has brought much-needed attention to the issue and the need for change.

“The day the movie premiered, I was in tears, I always wanted a movie like this, but we didn’t have the resources,” said Andrea Gung, founder and executive director of the Duo Duo Project.

The non-profit, based in Sunnyvale, California, has built a strong boots-on-the-ground team and has worked closely with local activists, government officials, and journalists over the years.

“I visited Yulin City, the epicentre of the dog meat trade in China, 16 times before COVID. We’ve established ourselves as a thought leader and built a powerful, successful movement,” Andrea recalls in the non-profits 10-year anniversary video.

Their focus has always been ending the demand for meat dogs through community outreach and education.

“Our culturally conscious programs help people, especially children, see dogs as friends, not food,” states the organization.

The Duo Duo team also works to demand the enforcement of current laws against the trade along with new legislation that will eventually close the black market trade down forever.

The team also works to provide shelter support and medical treatment for terrified animals rescued from meat trucks. Additionally, large-scale spay and neuter programs for street dogs have become integral to their initiatives, particularly for mixed-breed dogs, often viewed as substandard.

The organization, which has spearheaded the mission, has gathered over 5 million petitions on Change.org, causing servers to crash and demonstrating the cause’s resonance with people worldwide.

Learn more about the Duo Duo Project here.

About the Duo Duo Project

The Duo Duo Project is a non-profit organization founded and led by its Executive Director, Andrea Gung, who was left horrified after discovering the brutal and inhumane practices of the dog meat trade during a business trip to China. Focused on tackling this societal issue, the organization is committed to making real progress and works tirelessly throughout the year to change the perception of dogs and cats from food to family.

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