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Elite Performance Coach Lauren Selby Jones Unveils the “Me Time Mentality” to Empower Mothers Worldwide

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Redefining Modern Motherhood & Self-Care: Introducing the ‘Me Time Mentality’ by Elite Performance Master Coach, Lauren Selby Jones

From my worldwide experience, I’ve seen mothers across ages, races, and religions lose themselves in motherhood, often feeling guilty about self-care, which leads to stress, depression, and shame.”

— Lauren Selby Jones

LONDON, CITY OF LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM , August 31, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Lauren Selby Jones, an Elite Performance Master Coach and creator of the “Me Time Mentality,” is set to redefine modern motherhood. With a background spanning over a decade as a government scientist and a catalyst for empowering women, Jones is now on a mission to transform the lives of mothers by helping them prioritise self-care and empowerment.

Jones’s journey as a mother of three and digital nomad has fueled her passion to address the mental health challenges that parents face. Having lost her mum, an unborn child, and her sister-in-law, she understands that life throws unexpected events that can be challenging to manage alongside the pressures of motherhood.

“From my worldwide experience, I’ve seen mothers across ages, races, and religions lose themselves in motherhood, often feeling guilty about self-care, which can lead to prolonged stress, depression, and shame.”

Recent research by Bupa Health Insurer underscores the urgency of this issue. A shocking 63% of surveyed mothers are exhausting themselves to meet the ‘supermom’ ideal, while 70% feel guilty about dedicating time to themselves. Astonishingly, 31% of mothers have never spent a night away from their children. This guilt-driven cycle results in 81% of mothers choosing chores over relaxation during their limited ‘Me Time.’ *

Driven to find a solution to this problem, In 2021, LSJ Life Coaching by Lauren Selby Jones was born, ushering in the transformative “Me Time Mentality.” Her signature Elite Performance Coaching program invites you to imagine awakening daily with renewed purpose, clarity, and fulfillment, empowered by unshakable confidence to embrace life on your terms with bold determination.

Having received training from coaches under Tony Robbins, being certified in public speaking by Andy Harrington, and holding Honours in Psychology, Jones offers science-backed support for mothers. Blending CBT, therapy, grief counseling, breastfeeding expertise, and parent training, she creates programs that uplift mothers from the ordinary, guiding them towards happier, more fulfilling lives.

To integrate the “Me Time Mentality,” Jones recommends five minutes of daily wellness practices. Her most accessible service, The Starter Pack, includes habit tracking, the science of self-care, calming breathwork, and gratitude exercises to help mothers rediscover their identity and unleash their full potential.

Dedicated to philanthropy, Lauren has joined forces with B1G1: Business for Good for regular charitable contributions, exemplifying the concept of “Business for Good” and enabling global positive impacts through everyday actions.

*Source: Bupa Health Insurer Study – Normal Mums

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