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Introducing the Future of Extended Reality: StretchSense Reality Glove (TM)

Attendees at AWE USA will be the first to experience what it’s like to drop the controller

The Reality Glove is the world’s first truly soft and stretchy XR glove built with real people in mind.”

— Ben O’Brien, CEO of StretchSense

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, May 24, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — StretchSense, a leading developer of wearable sensing technology, is set to revolutionize the extended reality (XR) industry with its groundbreaking product, the StretchSense Reality Glove(TM). Attendees at AWE USA, Santa Clara, California from May 31-June 2nd who visit Booth 953 will have the exclusive opportunity to be the first to experience the unparalleled immersion and intuitive interaction offered by this innovative garment.

With pricing starting at $595, the StretchSense Reality Glove redefines precision and realism in immersive virtual experiences. As the first wearable and washable virtual reality glove that feels like a second skin, it provides unmatched comfort and ease of use. Powered by advanced sensors with an optional haptic feedback pack, the glove emulates real-world interaction, enabling users to touch and manipulate virtual objects with the same level of ease and precision as in the physical world.

Moreover, the Reality Glove seamlessly integrates with OpenXR, the open standard for virtual reality and augmented reality platforms. This compatibility ensures developers can effortlessly incorporate the Reality Glove into existing and upcoming applications, making it accessible to a wider range of users. For legacy applications, developers can take full advantage of the highly customizable nature of the StretchSense solution, allowing them to configure any gesture or hand movement as a trigger or hotkey. This feature is particularly beneficial for gamers seeking extensive custom input mapping options.

“The Reality Glove is the world’s first truly soft and stretchy XR glove built with real people in mind. We have drawn on years of experience delivering premium motion capture to the most demanding studios on the planet to make something remarkable that everyday people can pick up and use,” stated Ben O’Brien, CEO of StretchSense.

“This isn’t just a glove, it’s a portal that enables interaction with the metaverse as naturally as the real world and will change how people learn, play, socialize and work. We are super excited to get the Reality Glove out there and see the experiences people create!,” added O’Brien.

Perfectly suited for training, design, gaming, and more, the StretchSense Reality Glove presents limitless possibilities for developers and gamers alike.

To sign-up for pre-order notifications, go to www.stretchsense.com/reality-glove.

About StretchSense

StretchSense (Sensor Holdings Limited) is a leading innovator in professional motion capture solutions, revolutionizing the way we interact with the metaverse. The MoCap Pro Glove and Hand Engine software seamlessly integrate our proprietary wearable stretch sensors with advanced machine learning.

Our latest breakthrough product, the StretchSense Reality Glove, is designed to propel users into an unparalleled immersive and transformative extended reality experience. To discover how StretchSense is redefining the boundaries of extended reality and unlocking the full potential of human-computer interaction visit: www.stretchsense.com.

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