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NC Artist and Poet G~Child Wants The World To ‘Smile’

G-Child, North Carolina Rapper and poet

G-Child, North Carolina Rapper and poet

G-Child, North Carolina Rapper and poet

'The Existence" by G-Child, North Carolina Rapper and Poet

‘The Existence” by G-Child, North Carolina Rapper and Poet

G~Child -Underground Rapper and Poet Strives To Motivate and To Make the World Smile With Release of New Music Video

Music is a passion and I plan to express my gift with everything I have in me.”

— G~Child, North Carolina Rapper and poet

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — A rising name in the dynamic and soul-stirring world of Hip Hop, Rap, and Soul, G~Child, better known by his artistic name Timothy Jackson is an underground rapper, who is driven to soar and succeed. Hailing from Fayetteville, North Carolina, G~Child stands out from other underground artists in the genre, owing to his rich and captivating mix of poetry and Hip-Hop lyrics to craft his own lane of rap.

Unafraid to be himself, G~Child is driven to create his own independent identity and musical brand, having already stunned listeners on tv shows, radio shows, and with a successful string of captivating albums. G~Child has already amassed considerable air play on CCG-network radio and is creating waves with this refreshing new release. Armed with the belief that there is nothing wrong in being yourself, he has released five albums on official music streaming platforms and intends to continue his musical voyage with each motivating new release, “Poetry of Life”.

G~Child’s stellar discography boasts his debut album “Just Different”, which was followed by his 2nd album “Just Different Vol.2”, and third and fourth entitled “Me vs the World” and “Poetry of Life”, respectively. The latest album is called ‘The Existence‘ and features songs “Smile” and “Trust Me”.

This seasoned artist has already enjoyed the experience of performing at key venues, such as ‘The Palace’, ‘Big Shots 2’, ‘The Rockshop’, and ‘All-Stars’, among many other top venues. With an aim to make his voice and lyrics heard, the artist’s stirring new singles, such as “Who is GChild” offer an intriguing perspective into his life as a person as well as his artistic abilities and lyrical talents. Similarly, “Celebration” from his recent album, captures his love and unbridled enthusiasm for creating music, while coming those skills together as one, expressing the man and the artist. G~Child’s single “Messing with Me” is a strong and sensory narrative, affirming that the artist is his own person with a mind of his own, and how he will not be moved by anyone or outside pressure.

You can follow G~Child via social media on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timjackson910/, Twitter: https://twitter.com/timjackson910, Facebook: https://twitter.com/timjackson910, and YouTube: https://youtu.be/I6HZQ1R5K2s.

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Smile by G=Child Official Music Video

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