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Patti Spadaro Band Releases Empowering New Single “Glass Shatters”

Patti Spadaro Band Releases Empowering New Single “Glass Shatters”

I was so excited to finally be represented in the second highest seat of our government. I wanted to celebrate this historic moment together!”

— Patti Spadaro

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, June 8, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Patti Spadaro Band, led by the dynamic guitarist, singer, and songwriter Patti Spadaro, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, “Glass Shatters,” on June 8, 2024. This powerful anthem is a tribute to the strength and resilience of women, inspired by the historic swearing-in of the first female Vice President of the United States.

“Glass Shatters” began taking shape in the winter of 2020-2021, as Spadaro was moved by the significant moment in history. “I remember sitting by the TV and watching the swearing-in of our first female Vice President,” Spadaro recalls. “I was so excited to finally be represented in the second highest seat of our government. I wanted to celebrate this historic moment together. This was a true moment of progress.”

The song, which Spadaro describes as a “rallying cry,” is intended to unite women from all walks of life and celebrate their progress. “If we ‘keep rising up, never giving up,’ progress will continue,” she says. The track features five women’s voices harmonizing and weaving together, with Spadaro on guitar, Anne Celedonia on keys, and contributions from background vocalists Cherylann Hawk, Jill Simmons, and Alison McTavish. Drummer and recording engineer Eric Kurtzrock and bassist Ryan Black also add their unique talents to the mix.

Patti Spadaro is known for her introspective, heartfelt songwriting and creative lead guitar work. Her organic grooves, memorable original compositions, and spontaneous jam sessions are the trademarks of the Patti Spadaro Band. The group believes in the uplifting and transformative power of music, aiming to inspire and unite through their art.

The single “Glass Shatters” was recorded at Blue Door Recorders in Pittsburgh, showcasing the local talent and collaborative spirit that defines the band. Spadaro’s music career has taken her from Pennsylvania to the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and back, where she has continued to make significant contributions to the music scene.

Her journey includes releasing multiple albums, performing in renowned clubs and festivals, and opening for legendary acts like Little Feat, Eddie Van Halen, and Melvin Seals & JGB. Despite her success in Los Angeles, she returned to Pennsylvania to raise her two daughters while continuing her musical career, recording two more albums, and performing widely.

Spadaro’s influences are as diverse as her career, spanning genres and eras, including Bonnie Raitt, Tedeschi/Trucks, The Grateful Dead, Natalie Merchant, John Mayer, Phish, Little Feat, The Allman Brothers, Michael Franti, Sara Bareilles, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews Band, and Counting Crows. For more information about Patti Spadaro and her music, visit www.pattispadaro.com.

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