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Renton Plumber Provides Directional Drilling to Keep City’s Sidewalks Accessible

Renton Plumber Provides Directional Drilling to Keep City’s Sidewalks Accessible

RENTON, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — In July of this year, the city of Renton’s department of Public Works began collecting community feedback for their Comprehensive Walkway Plan. The Comprehensive Walkway Plan was launched as “an effort to identify and prioritize the various needs for improvements to sidewalks, crosswalks, and other infrastructure designed to improve the walking environment throughout Renton’s neighborhoods.” In order to assess walkability, the gathered feedback will be ranked and prioritized by the Public Works department based on feasibility and areas of greatest need. A draft plan will be shared at a future city council meeting and it will include current Renton area walkways in the improvement plan.

While Renton has almost 345 miles of existing sidewalks, it is still missing 188 miles of sidewalks, showing that the city has a vital need for more pedestrian pathways. Even moreso, the Comprehensive Walkway Plan expresses the importance of keeping Renton’s existing sidewalks available and accessible. In order to achieve this goal, the city will need to consider less invasive or disruptive options such as directional drilling for any current or future construction or plumbing work in Renton.

Directional drilling, also known as horizontal directional drilling, is a trenchless method that allows plumbers to access and install water mains, pipelines, and other underground infrastructure without having to use traditional open-cut construction or extensive excavation. Instead, this advanced drilling technique bores horizontally underneath sidewalks, leaving them intact and uninterrupted. Directional drilling is one of the safest and efficient trenchless methods and projects are typically completed faster which minimizes the amount of time Renton residents would be affected.

One local plumbing company who understands the importance of keeping the city’s sidewalks intact and maintaining their accessibility is Trusted Plumbing & Heating. As a family owned business and as members of the Renton community, they are huge proponents of directional drilling and its benefits. They are standing by to assist the city in their endeavor and have begun to prepare for an increase in directional drilling services. Not only do they offer professional directional drilling directly to the people of Renton, but they offer them to other professional plumbing companies as well. The team at Trusted Plumbing & Heating feel that Increasing the number of safe, accessible, and conveniently placed sidewalks in Renton is something that will benefit everyone in our community.

Trusted Plumbing & Heating are experts in the plumbing industry. They are headquartered in Renton, WA and they provide professional plumbing and heating services to Western Washington. Truste Plumbing & Heating are dedicated to finding the best solution for all of your plumbing needs.

For more information about directional drilling or any other services provided by Trusted Plumbing & Heating, please visit their website at https://www.trustedplumbingheating.com or call

at 425-333-2559.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/647796956/renton-plumber-provides-directional-drilling-to-keep-city-s-sidewalks-accessible

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