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sntHOME Small Business Community Initiative Proves Sewing and Handmaking Throw Pillow is Thriving Market

Handmade Custom Throw Pillows

sntHOME Interior Design Throw Pillow Collection

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One-of-a-kind Throw Pillows

sntHOME created community initiative, sewing high-end and luxury throw pillows as a way to get #womensewinginjax, inspire creativity and offer diversity.

I am going to make everything around me beautiful, that will be my life.”

— Elsie de Wolfe

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Is sewing a dead skill? It’s not an activity many have an interest in doing, with our busy lifestyles and all, but one company is on a mission to change that. sntHOME Interior Design of Jacksonville, FL recently launched a community initiative with nine women in an effort to get women sewing in Jax, designing and creating beautiful throw pillows for the home.

The program allows participants to take kits home and sew at their leisure or they can come into the showroom, visit, socialize and have fun sharing ideas all while creating friendships and beautiful items that end up on our sales floor or in our online store. The company’s goal is to encourage participants to trust in their own creativity, practice the skill, understand the process and hopefully use lessons learned in other areas of their lives.

Creator of the project and Owner of sntHOME, Patricia Davis believes that when people get together to make things and support each other it’s powerful, inspiring and uplifting to community, fostering skills that can stay with individuals a lifetime. It’s no secret that blue collar skills employing the notion of handmade and crafted have all but vanished from our society, making it hard to find people with the talent, but over the past few decades the need is being addressed by experienced crafts people all around the country through mentorship and educational opportunities. Ms. Davis notes that through her involvement and interaction within the industry she now encounters more tradesmen and women who are on a mission to pass along their knowledge and skills to a younger generation. As a result she knew sntHOME throw pillows had to be a part of the solution.

The women involved in the project have diverse backgrounds and through their work they bring that diversity to the items they create. The group includes single moms, widows, retirees and career focused women. Many chose to participate citing their involvement as a positive and nurturing way to reduce stress in their lives, connect and grow. Creators include a handwritten note with each pillow to introduce themselves and share a bit about who they are enabling consumers to connect on a more personal level.

The initiative currently includes the production of nine collections. Within the collections many items are one-of-a-kind. The fabrics range from organic cotton, Belgium and Italian linen, luxurious silks, mohair, wool, cotton, leather and cashmere. Passementerie trims and crystals are also incorporated.

Plans to grow the initiative are coming soon due to the overwhelming support of product sales and inquiries not only within the city but many surrounding areas of Jacksonville, Ms. Davis said.

The company’s core values include sustainability, waste reduction and cleaner environmental practices; by using scraps from previous design projects they are truly aligned with those values, reducing the amount of fabric being discarded into landfills. The EPA cites Americans discard 16 million tons of textile waste per year. Sustainability comes into play as the company is committed to using organic and natural fibers. Research proves when discarded they decompose in a timely manner and return to Mother Earth with little to no harm done.

As a final note Ms. Davis shares, “We hope that what we’re doing here at sntHOME Interior Design will inspire other companies to do what they can to contribute to the production of cleaner products, mindful consumerism and meaningful connection to how we live in our spaces. In my opinion, every effort counts whether it’s big or small.”

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sntHOME Interior Design
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/671756165/snthome-small-business-community-initiative-proves-sewing-and-handmaking-throw-pillow-is-thriving-market

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