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The fantasy dramatic movie “Exceptional Beings” now available in most streaming platforms

The fantasy dramatic movie “Exceptional Beings” now available in most streaming platforms


Mina: Exceptional Beings 2023

Mina: Exceptional Beings 2023

Exceptional Beings 2023- Apollo


A scene with Ciarra Carter(Athena), Rachel Thundat(Mina), Victoria Antonelli(Apollo), Justin Ifeanyi Morgan(Producer) and Njedeh Anthony(Director/Producer)

With any character, it’s immersing yourself in this imaginary world of, this is me, this is my situation. This is what’s happening around me.”

— Rachel Thundat

UNITED STATES, April 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Diagnosing the plane scene, with mythical gods Athena, Apollo and Hermes and their especial natures, as they ravel.

Njedeh Anthony “The concept I had, was, two gods that have lived over 4000 years, frustrated they can’t figure out what this lady(Mina) was. They clash with Apollo, try to bully information from a bully. That is my perspective, for you actors, what was the scene about to you?”

Ciarra Carter “Athena and Hermes had it up to their wits, going around in circles, trying to figure out who this person was. From the very beginning, all she wanted to do was kill her to see who she was. You can see the frustration in her, trying to hold back and do it her brother’s way. When we make it to the plane, she’s like, there’s only one person, that for sure will not waste my time. And here we are. Of course, Apollo had to play his little games, before revealing what I felt Athena already knew, deep down. But she needed that confirmation and she also respected Hermes enough to go around in circles, to do it his way.”

Njedeh Anthony “You felt Athena knew?”

Ciarra Carter “You know how you don’t know, but in the back of your head, you’re like, I knew it. Deep down, I felt she knew something, but couldn’t put her finger on what it was.”

Njedeh Anthony “Someone watched the movie and the person was like, ‘I really hate that guy’. I told the person, well, you know, the guy’s a lady.”

Victoria Antonelli ”Yes.”

Njedeh Anthony “What did you think about the scene in that, we are dancing in that direction?”

Victoria Antonelli “I thought it was interesting Apollo was also confused by this person at first. My biggest takeaway from the scene was the moment where Apollo had to get a little vulnerable with seeing the dead people, it was a different side of him.”

Njedeh Anthony “Athena has been played by many other people. In your scenario, I can’t think of a movie with Apollo as a major character.”

Victoria Antonelli “I did a lot of research on Apollo, his demeanor and God of the Sun. And I worked with different people because I was having a hard time, mixing the masculine and the feminine, and playing that in a way that was specific to something and not just going between different things. It was a super fun character.”

Njedeh Anthony “75% of the movie, you had to play in an insane paranoia and hold that constancy, that madness. So how did it work for you?”

Rachel Thundat “Mina’s been acting this whole time. I feel in this plane scene, she’s in a state of desperation because she’s been putting on this act for the entirety of the film. Now Athena and Hermes are bringing in more people, like Apollo and he knows something. And I’m almost certain this ruse is going to be up.”

Njedeh Anthony “What’s your method of becoming one with the character? One thing is to read the line and play the character. Another thing is to be the character.”

Rachel Thundat “With any character, it’s immersing yourself in this imaginary world of, this is me, this is my situation. This is what’s happening around me. I think in terms of becoming Mina, connecting with the parts of her, that I, as Rachel, understands. Having these two sides, being human, really leaning into that humanity, to that innocence. And then on the flip side…”

Ciarra Carter “Reading the script, you find characteristics you relate to. You immerse yourself with the character and after that, everyone else the character comes into play with. Finding substitutions that really help bring real life emotions, to the other person you’re talking to. Which is why, I appreciated the rehearsals and the time that we had before we shot, one single frame. We got to flesh out and play with certain things. How does that feel, like the mannerisms and just be that character. There is no more Ciarra, this is Athena. Athena has come to play. “

Victoria Antonelli “I wanted to know my lines, forward and backward, then I could connect with the character and not worry about the lines, just get that completely out of the way. It was a lot of, how Apollo would walk and how he holds himself and the power in that. Also, doing research on Greek mythology, having that background really helped to build the character. Embodying Apollo’s energy of, ‘I know everything’.”

Justin Ifeanyi Morgan “Did you like playing Apollo?”

Victoria Antonelli “At first I was like, how am I going to do this. I worked with a couple of people because I was like, I don’t know how to bring it. I was confused between the masculine and the feminine because the feminine is very powerful too. So it was like, what angle am I taking here. But then I got to love it. It’s one of, if not my favorite character I’ve ever played.”

Justin Ifeanyi Morgan “And you’re all doing this during the pandemic.

Njedeh Anthony “Not once did we any situation, with anybody saying, oh, my goodness, people are dying, I can’t make it to the set or I’m scared. You guys were so perfect and professional. People were dying, it was probably the highest death rate that was going on at that time.”

Ciarra Carter “It was literally the thick of it when we were shooting this. There was so much going on. I took it very seriously, so I could feel good about myself, I could feel safe, I did my part and was accountable for my actions to keep the people around me safe and stay within my bubble. And then, the consistency of testing, you guys did a fabulous job with making sure everyone was safe on set and that we were getting tested.”

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Interview with Ciarra Carter, Rachel Thundat, Victoria Antonelli, Justin Ifeanyi Morgan and Njedeh Anthony

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