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Top Streamed Artists are now partnering with VoxFeed to promote their music and connect with fans

Most-streamed artists globally on Spotify in 2022

Fans can actively collaborate with their favorite artists

Since their launch one year ago, VoxFeed has been adopted by six of the Top 10 global streaming music artists to connect with their fans and promote their music

We aim to streamline the process for artists and labels to promote their music content directly to their fans, while empowering them to actively collaborate with the artists they love.”

— Alejandra Méndez, Director of Operations at VoxFeed

DOVER, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, August 15, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Recognizing the potential of enhancing connections between artists and their fan bases, VoxFeed embarked on an ambitious venture. On July 1, 2022, VoxFeed Music launched, entering in a new era of artist-fan engagement and transforming the dynamics of the music industry.

“Our primary objective is to streamline the process for artists and labels to promote their music content directly to their fans, while empowering these fans to actively collaborate with the artists they love.” emphasized Alejandra Méndez, Director of Operations at VoxFeed, outlining the core vision behind VoxFeed Music.

Unlike traditional approaches that rely on a limited number of people, VoxFeed’s platform allows artists and record labels to create and manage campaigns with hundreds of content creators simultaneously, generating a collective impact that reverberates virally across social media.

While leveraging how recommendation algorithms work, and due to the nature of social networks like TikTok, the volume of this initial impact often serves as a catalyst, sparking inspiration organically among other social media content creators.

This influence leads to the creation and sharing of content that mirrors or emulates the theme, wide-spreading the original message. This unique approach amplifies the reach, engagement, and virality of music promotions, propelling songs to new heights.

“By creating campaigns at such scale, when we compare metrics of cost per view, number of listens or number of engagements against traditional online advertising, we’re tapping into a whole new world of music promotion.” says the VoxFeed executive.

VoxFeed’s success in partnering with top-tier superstars and launching new artists, is a testament to the platform’s impact. The ability to forge meaningful connections between artists and fans, coupled with VoxFeed’s innovative technology, has propelled the platform to the forefront of music promotion.

About VoxFeed
VoxFeed is a revolutionary platform that empowers artists and record labels to amplify their presence on social media by facilitating seamless coordination and management of fan collaborations. VoxFeed has earned a reputation for partnering with top-tier artists and introducing emerging talents, solidifying its position as a catalyst for authentic fan engagement in the digital age.

Alejandra Méndez
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