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Congress of Culture Appeals for Appointment of Yuliia Fediv as Ukraine’s Minister of Culture and Information Policy

In a move aimed at revitalizing Ukraine’s cultural landscape, the Congress of Culture has issued a formal letter addressed to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada, fervently advocating for the appointment of Yuliia Fediv as the Minister of Culture and Information Policy. This impassioned appeal was made public through the Congress’s official Facebook page.

The Congress of Culture has called for a transformative shift in the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, likening it to a need for a fresh, modern institution that aligns with the evolving public demands following the Revolution of Dignity. The letter underlines the necessity of a leader with novel approaches distinct from the ones witnessed in recent years.

“The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy should become an institution of new design like a number of others created after the Revolution of Dignity in accordance with a new public demand. And it requires a leader for the Ministry with fundamentally different approaches from those that we have seen in recent years,” the letter states.

Yuliia Fediv
Yuliia Fediv

Signatories of the letter believe that the current state of the Ministry of Culture resembles “an atavistic body” that has failed to grasp its relevance in contemporary times. They argue that it lags behind in values, ethical considerations, and the adaptability of managerial decisions within Ukraine’s cultural community.

The Congress of Culture, in its assessment, asserts that the cultural management system is in dire need of substantial reforms. They emphasize that no single minister can instantly rectify the long-standing issues within the system. Instead, the ministry must embark on a daily journey of change to prevent stagnation or degradation. The letter highlights Yuliia Fediv’s exemplary leadership during her tenure as the head of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

“We saw this daily movement towards change and incredible development when the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation was headed by Yuliia Fediv. Together with her team, she has proved that it is possible to build a transparent, effective, and flexible system – due to a clear vision, dedicated service, leadership, and deep ethics. Yuliia Fediv has earned our full trust,” the letter asserts.

The Congress of Culture fervently implores decision-makers not to delay the appointment of Yuliia Fediv. They point to the high expectations both within Ukraine and internationally set by the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers’ recent appointments. They firmly believe that Yuliia Fediv possesses the qualities necessary to meet these expectations and provide an opportunity for transformative change.

Yuliia Fediv is renowned as the inaugural executive director of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, where she served from 2018 to 2021. Following her tenure, she chose not to participate in the competition for the executive director position. In 2021, Fediv assumed the role of director at Hromadske. In the summer of 2022, she temporarily stepped down from her position to pursue an internship in the United States as part of the G. Humphrey program for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The appeal by the Congress of Culture underscores the urgency of revitalizing Ukraine’s cultural institutions and the widespread support for Yuliia Fediv to lead this transformation.

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