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Coolidge Reagan Foundation Files Supreme Court Amici Supporting Donald Trump

Free Speech. It’s just that simple.

Advocates for Free Speech Constitutional Principles

The left’s years-long attempt to criminalize not just speech, but any idea that challenges their agenda, is fundamentally unAmerican.”

— Dan Backer

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, March 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today the Coolidge Reagan Foundation and its Chairman, Shaun McCutcheon, made their voices heard in the pivotal case of Donald Trump vs United States by filing a brief with the United States Supreme Court. As defenders of Free Speech, the Foundation and Mr. McCutcheon are emphasizing the critical importance of protecting the fundamental rights of Free Speech afforded to all citizens, including Presidents.

Shaun McCutcheon highlighted the central message of the brief filed by stating, “Presidents don’t lose their right to free speech and political expression simply because they hold office. On the contrary, they are elected to be the central figures in our public discourse. President Trump, like any citizen, is entitled to express his beliefs and defend the electoral process he believed was compromised. This is about safeguarding our Constitutional principles, not stifling dissent.”

Dan Backer, the Foundation’s counsel, echoed this sentiment, “The left’s years-long attempt to criminalize not just speech, but any idea that challenges their agenda, is fundamentally unAmerican. The prosecution rests entirely on the false premise President Trump was not just wrong about the election but was somehow not allowed to make up his own mind on what he believes – and says – about the election. That’s absurd. The President is every bit as free as every other American to question the results of a disastrously administered election and, if he believed the elections were tainted, he had the duty as President to stand up and say so. No President – not even Joe Biden – has ever been subject to such limit beyond the will of the People.”

The amicus brief filed by the Foundation argues the prosecution of President Trump infringes upon his constitutionally protected prerogative and obligation to engage in political speech.

The brief may be found on the United States Supreme Court docket No. 23-939 here:


The brief contends that both the First Amendment and fundamental separation of powers principles mandate that a President be able to engage in political speech freely and without fear of prosecution.

“Most of the current arguments in support of Presidential immunity in the federal Trump prosecution rest on the notion that a person cannot be prosecuted for exercising authority expressly granted to the President by Article II of the Constitution,” noted Mr. McCutcheon. “However, nearly all of the acts for which President Trump is charged involve his own pure political expression in his capacity as President. These issues involve not only inherent Presidential authority but also freedom of political expression.”

“Presidential speech is both an independent basis for immunity in this case, as well as a vehicle through which the First Amendment bolsters the scope of immunity provided by other provisions within Article II,” Dan Backer added.

The Coolidge Reagan Foundation and Shaun McCutcheon remain steadfast in their commitment to defending liberty, fair elections, and the constitutional rights of all Americans. As this case unfolds, they will continue to advocate for the protection of free speech and the integrity of our electoral process.


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