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Fighting the Invisible Killer with George Foreman III and FentanylSolution.org

(L-R) Sara Foreman, Janice Celeste, and George Foreman III

(L-R) Terry Robiski, Jarrod Bunch and George Foreman lll attend Fight Fentanyl Event III at Craft Boxing Club on October 07, 2023 in Calabasas, California. (Photo by Andrew J Cunningham/Getty Images)

Matt Markley, Board Member of FentanylSolution.Org, holding a photo of Jax Markley, who he lost to fentanyl poisoning on 11/6/22 at Fight Fentanyl.

George Foreman III and leading nonprofit FentanylSolution.org join forces in a groundbreaking event to combat the rising tide of fentanyl-related deaths.

The fentanyl crisis isn’t a distant issue; it’s in our homes, affecting people we love. We’re not just raising awareness; we’re arming communities with life-saving knowledge.”

— Janice M. Celeste, CEO & President of FentanylSolution.org

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — As recently reported in The US Insider, the fentanyl crisis has found formidable opponents in George Foreman III and FentanylSolution.org. The publication spotlighted a groundbreaking event at Craft Boxing Club, where the duo rallied a diverse coalition of celebrities, athletes, and community leaders to combat this lethal foe.

The fentanyl crisis has reached a critical juncture, exacerbated not by a pandemic, but by a flood of counterfeit pills. These fakes, often indistinguishable from legitimate medications, are laced with fentanyl and have led to a surge in opioid-related deaths. Recent data reveals that fentanyl poisoning accounts for a staggering 60% of these fatalities, marking a 50% increase within just one year. This alarming trend highlights the urgent need for action, as counterfeit pills continue to infiltrate communities, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting individuals.

George Foreman III, an undefeated boxer and owner of Craft Boxing Club, has long been a pillar of his community. The club serves as more than just a gym; it’s a sanctuary of resilience and hope. Foreman III has partnered with FentanylSolution.org, a leading 501(c)(3) non-profit. Together, they are dedicated to combating the escalating fentanyl epidemic through the “Fight Fentanyl” initiative. This partnership extends Foreman III’s community ethos, taking the battle against fentanyl beyond the boxing ring and into the homes and hearts affected by this devastating crisis.

“The event went beyond raising awareness; it was a call to arms,” Foreman III emphasized. “Every counterfeit pill is a potential death sentence. Today, we’ve equipped our community with the knowledge they need to fight this unseen enemy.”

FentanylSolution.org is a dedicated nonprofit organization with a clear mission: to combat the devastating impact of fentanyl through education, advocacy, and extensive community outreach. Founded by Janice M. Celeste, a passionate advocate against the fentanyl crisis, the organization is committed to breaking the grip of fentanyl’s deadly influence on communities. Through comprehensive programs and impactful initiatives, such as the “Fight Fentanyl” campaign, FentanylSolution.org strives to raise awareness, provide resources, and drive change to address this pressing public health issue.

Building upon this foundation of urgency, Janice M. Celeste, CEO of FentanylSolution.org, stated, “Awareness is the starting point, but what we need now is action—relentless, informed action. We’re already planning a series of educational workshops across California. Our goal is to give people the tools they need to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

The event also featured the story of Jax Markley, whose life was tragically cut short just months before graduating high school. “Jax’s story is a grim reminder that we must act now. The urgency couldn’t be clearer,” Celeste added.

Erica Spiegelman, Founder and COO of New Spirit Recovery, highlighted the need for holistic approaches to addiction. “We’re punching back at a crisis that’s tearing our society apart,” she said.

NFL legends Jarrod Bunch and Terry Robiski also lent their voices to the cause. “This is everyone’s fight, and it’s a fight we can win,” they concurred.

In Conclusion- The “Fight Fentanyl” event illuminated a path forward. With collective resolve and the backing of influential figures, we are marching toward a future free from the clutches of fentanyl.

How You Can Help: Your support can make a real difference. To contribute to the fight against fentanyl, please consider making a donation to FentanylSolution.org. Every dollar counts in our collective effort to save lives and create a fentanyl-free future.

-Read the full US Reporter feature here:https://usinsider.com/from-the-boxing-ring-to-the-frontlines-george-foreman-iii-and-fentanylsolution-org-join-forces-against-a-silent-killer/

-For the statistics mentioned regarding the fentanyl crisis, please refer to an article by The Guardian, available at www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/nov/22/fentanyl-deaths-spike-us-tragedy.

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Janice M. Celeste on the Frontlines: Interview on the Fight Against Fentanyl

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/662999295/fighting-the-invisible-killer-with-george-foreman-iii-and-fentanylsolution-org

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