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‘Medical Murder’ Outpaces Heart Disease and Cancer, Becoming America’s #1 Cause of Death

Grace Schara at Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton, WI, before her death

The Schara family

The Schara family

New Research from Patients’ Rights Advocate and Legal Trailblazer Scott Schara Spotlights Data Driving “Hastened” Deaths—“People Are Too Expensive”

By studying the convergence of medical killing across multiple areas — including hospitals, elderly care facilities, the ’jab’ agenda, and more — I’ve noticed a clear pattern”

— Scott Schara

FREEDOM, WI, USA, September 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Corporate hospital chains run like hedge funds. Continuous propaganda aimed at patients and their families. Incentivized “health” protocols with kill rates as high as 90%. The results: a mysterious and ongoing rise in all-cause mortality, especially among those who received more than one mRNA shot for COVID-19, and suspiciously spiking profits for Big Pharma and Big Healthcare.

New research from patients’ rights advocate Scott Schara — father of high-profile hospital murder victim Grace Schara, and plaintiff of the landmark civil lawsuit Schara v. Ascension Health et al., the first case of its kind to receive a jury trial date — strongly suggests that cancer and heart disease have been knocked from their spots atop the list of America’s leading killers.

The usurping cause of death? Medical murder.

Which is to say: not “medical malpractice,” which is defined as “professional negligence by a health care provider that leads to substandard treatment, resulting in injury to a patient.” Contrastingly, “medical murder” describes a degree of negligence and recklessness which can only be identified as intentional — even if it is caused by the use of unscientific “standards of care.”

Schara is a leading national expert on the topic of medical murder and corrupt corporate hospital conglomerates; his wrongful death suit, Schara v. Ascension Health et al. (Case Number 2023CV000345), alleges that Appleton’s Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital bears responsibility for the death of his daughter, Grace Schara — a 19-year-old with Down syndrome — who was killed on October 13, 2021 after medical personnel fraudulently labeled her as a DNR patient, administered a combination of lethal and unnecessary drugs, and then refused her family’s pleas to perform life-saving measures such as CPR.

But in his quest for truth and accountability, Schara has turned tragedy into must-read, must-watch research that reveals the hospital murders agenda in all of its alarming detail.

The product of thousands of hours of factfinding animated by unparalleled access to primary sources from the medical murderers themselves, Schara’s new research series dissects a growing phenomenon of medical deaths driven by dangerous protocols and harmful pharmaceuticals. The research shows Americans have been programmed to “trust the science and the white coat” leading to their premature deaths.

“By studying the convergence of medical killing across multiple areas — including hospitals, elderly care facilities, the ’jab’ agenda, and more — I’ve noticed a clear pattern,” says Schara. “The medical establishment, backed by coercive government policy and financed and supported by big business, is undertaking a ‘soft genocide.’ They look at what they are doing as ‘hastening death,’ but that’s just another way of saying ‘murder.’ Key targets include the elderly and the disabled. I’m sharing my research widely and speaking out in the media multiple times a week because all Americans must protect themselves against this evil — and deadly — agenda.”

Available on Grace’s website and Scott’s Rumble channel, “Deprogramming With Grace’s Dad,” Schara’s presentations connect the dots on the who, what, where, when, why and how surrounding this disturbing “new” driver of American mortality. What can you do? Is there hope? The final discussion of the series answers these critical questions.

Key Facts & Findings

—All deaths are rising at an annual average of 8%, resulting in an ongoing increase of 228,000 annual deaths — putting “medical malpractice” at a yearly death toll approaching heart disease

—In the five years following the passage of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), hospice deaths have more risen to more than 50% — more than doubling from a prior rate of 21.6%

—Over 50% of the annual federal budget is related to the individuals using Medicare/Medicaid and the bureaucracy — and, ominously, “the financial projections in this report indicate a need for substantial changes to address Medicare’s financial challenges” (2021 Annual Report of The Boards of Trustees of The Federal Hospital Insurance and Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Funds)

—All-cause mortality is up 24% in the “vaccinated” — even as more “vaccines” are being purchased, and delivered, with American tax dollars

—There is a deliberate and systematic targeting of the elderly and disabled in this medical murder agenda — amounting to an open campaign of genocide

How could this be possible? Schara’s research shows three primary, public motivations driving medical murder: it’s incentivized, it’s profitable, and it’s now becoming a mainstream policy position of high-level government and corporate figures in America because of the skyrocketing costs of Medicare/Medicaid. But the hidden motivation is much darker.

As growing numbers of Americans die at the hands of corporate healthcare chains, the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorizations for ventilators (90% kill rate) and Remdesivir (75% kill rate) remain in use today. Trillions of dollars — and one historic, unprecedented propaganda campaign — later, the net health outcome of the “Warp Speed” efforts of the American medical system has been a spike of mortality.

As Schara v. Ascension Health et al. advances to its trial date on November 4, 2024, Schara’s research and analysis on the “means, motive, and opportunity” of this “standards of care”-based crime is proving increasingly essential —and saving thousands of lives.

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