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Wayne Johnson, Republican For U.S. Congress Supports Major Thomasville GOP Event

Johnson will again be traveling all 30 counties in the district in his truck wrapped with “Stop the Stupid in Washington.”

Wayne Johnson, Republican Candidate for the 2nd District serving Middle and Southwest Georgia

As someone who wishes to be of service to you and your family, I humbly and respectfully ask that you trust me with your vote to be your next United States Congressman.”

— A. Wayne Johnson

THOMASVILLE, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — On April 23, the Thomas County GOP once again put on a fantastic candidate event attended by Dr. Wayne Johnson and 18 other GOP candidates for local and federal office. Wayne Johnson is making a second run for the Republican nomination from Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District in the May 21st state Republican primary.

Johnson described Tuesdays event as “one of the most well executed evenings with a unique touch of some of Thomasville’s top local talents”. Johnson was referring to the wide display of homemade cakes catered in by Barbara Lott’s Cakes, Inc. – that and the fabulous dinner cooked by a local friend of the Thomasville Republican Party only enhanced an already phenomenal evening.

Dr. Johnson was the capstone speaker of the night and closed out the event by driving home his stance on certain important issues:

Wayne stated that in his opinion, “Changes to Federal Law Regarding Political Asylum at the southern border is a must” He brought forth that “ the key to this is reinstating the previous Trump administration policies for border entry”. During his speech, Johnson amplified his opinion by stating that “ The issue with our border isn’t that we don’t have a wall, it’s the fact that, in my opinion, we have an asylum policy that lets people in without even a basic challenge to their claims. I believe that changes in asylum law will go a long way toward stopping the devastating effects of unlawful immigration” emphasized Johnson.

Johnson did however state that “lawful immigration is what has contributed greatly to the building of our country and will continue to do so”.

Wayne highlighted that he originally started “STOP THE STUPID IN WASHINGTON” as a way to capture attention on the campaign trail, but that, as he said in his speech, “unfortunately it has now become our mandate; it’s what we absolutely HAVE TO DO — “STOP THE STUPID IN WASHINGTON”.

Candidate Johnson went on to place a focal point on our national debt of $35 trillion dollars as well as speaking out about what he considers to be our broken Federal Student Loan system. His point about our national debt was that in his opinion “ we are approaching a level of debt that we cannot pay the interest on, and if this turns out to be the case we will have lost the confidence of the world in our dollar. This in turn would lead to an astronomical devaluation of the U.S. dollar and an unprecedented level of inflation”.

Furthermore, Johnson highlighted some of the current struggles of our Georgia Farmers, stating the following “Farmers need access to water, and farmers need access to labor. One of the aspects of farm labor is the need to place people on 3-5 year work visas so that they do not have to go back to their home countries every 6 months. This going back and forth is expensive and eats up valuable production time.”

Dr. Wayne Johnson wrapped up his speech by setting forth the following: “In order to win this Congressional race we’re going to have to pull 50,000 people who would normally vote Democrat over to the Republican side, to vote for our Republican nominee for President, which I believe is going to be President Trump, and myself for Congress. Doing this is going to take considerable financial resources, a lifetime of experiences and experience, and a commitment to see this through.”

The Georgia state primary, which includes the Republican primary in the 2nd District, occurs on May 21st. Early voting for the primary begins April 29th and ends May 17th.

Wayne concluded his presentation with this appeal “As someone who wishes to be of service to you and your family, I humbly and respectfully ask that you trust me with your vote to be your next United States Congressman.”

Wayne Johnson for Congress, Inc.
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