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Charity Evening in the City of Bayonne: the City Hall and Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund assistance efforts

The Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund continues preparations for the charity evening, which will be held together with the City Hall of Bayonne (New Jersey, USA) on May 18, 2023. The event aims to raise funds to support children in Ukraine.

– The war continues, but young Ukrainians have only one childhood. We really want to reduce the impact of hostilities on their lives, so that they can grow, learn, make friends, and dream, just like their peers around the world – says the chair of the Fund, Pavlo Kostyuk.

One of the beneficiaries of charitable help is Special School No. 19 in Bila Tserkva, where children with special educational needs study: Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, and other diseases.

The institution is located in the Kyiv region of Ukraine, it is attended by 175 pupils. Modern rehabilitation, adaptation, and correction methods are used here in working with pupils. With the beginning of hostilities, vulnerable children needed even more attention.

– The war became a powerful stress for all of us – says school principal Valentyna Ishchuk. – It brought great upheavals, which must be learned to get through and overcome.

Educators have attracted considerable potential to help pupils overcome negative psychological experiences. They ask benefactors to make their stay at school comfortable and cozy.

The institution has many needs, which it cannot close on its own: the bomb shelter, food block, rooms for training and treatment, shower cabins, and laundry need to be repaired. In addition, it is worth equipping children’s and sports grounds, providing children with computers and furniture.

You can learn more about its mission on the school’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/spec.school19. We are sure that the little bundles of joy studying there will become a part of your heart!

The Mayor of Bayonne, Jimmy Davis, and the chair of the Fund, Pavlo Kostyuk, invite everyone to attend a charity evening on May 18 to help the children of Ukraine live and develop fully even during the war!

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