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Fastport Honored as a Finalist in U.S. Army xTechPrime Competition

Fastport Honored as a Finalist in U.S. Army xTechPrime Competition

Press Release

Jan 30, 2024

Fastport was recognized for outstanding technology achievements and collaboration efforts during the xTechPrime Competition.

Dr. Matthew Willis, Director, Army Applied SBIR Program and Prize Competitions, honored Fastport as a finalist from about 500 submissions in the Army xTechPrime Competition. Dr. Willis recognized Fastport for “outstanding technology achievements and collaboration efforts during the xTechPrime Competition and the potential for impact to the Army.”

The xTechPrime competition, dedicated to unearthing innovative and disruptive concepts and technology solutions, seeks capabilities that can address the Army’s current needs and align with existing Army concepts. The overarching goal is to provide transformative technology solutions that foster innovation and yield cost savings throughout the entire life cycle of Army systems. It specifically sought small businesses with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) expertise to help reduce the cognitive burden on humans and improve overall performance through human-machine teaming.

Fastport CEO Bill McLennan was impressed by the competition stating, “This has been a terrific process to bring unique value-added solutions to the Army from small businesses. It is humbling to be positioned in the top 5% of the xTechPrime cohort and to be highlighted as a potential leader in solving one of the Army’s most visible challenges: the recruitment and retention of its Soldiers.”

Fastport joined innovators proposing innovations in the AI/ML category with its Soldier For Life Benefits Platform (SFLBP) technology proposal. The SFLBP improves the recruiting and retention efforts to help the Army win the war for talent and fulfill end-strength needs. It ensures improved recruiting, candidate quality, and retention results by providing a highly personalized web experience for each candidate while generative AI/ML technologies increase recruiter productivity.

“Our vision for the SFLBP is to provide a platform for recruiters and career counselors to create a personalized plan to help Soldiers achieve their lifetime education, career, and financial goals through serving and continuing to serve in the Army,” said Fastport COO Colin Dunlap. “The Army is facing its most challenging recruitment environment in 50 years. We hope that with innovations like the SFLPB, we can work with Army leaders to improve both recruitment and retention for the Army’s total force.”

About Fastport, Inc.: Fastport Inc. solves America’s toughest recruiting challenges through research, technology, and people. Fastport is also a U.S. Department of Labor Industry Intermediary and a part of the Centers of Excellence to support registered apprenticeship development and sustainability. For more information about Fastport and Registered Apprenticeships, visit www.fastport.com or www.nationalapprenticeship.org.

Source: Fastport

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