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Sifter Solutions and iQPay Join Forces to Build Healthy Eating Solutions

Sifter Solutions and iQPay Join Forces to Build Healthy Eating Solutions

The Collaboration Expands Food as Medicine Through Unique, Scalable Solutions That Encourage Healthy Food Choices

Sifter Solutions, a nutrition technology provider, and iQPay, a FinTech company, have entered into a partnership that combines the guided spend technology of iQPay with Sifter’s advanced Food as Medicine technology. This collaboration creates a new way for millions of Americans to access healthy foods.

Sifter and iQPay corporate clients will now be able to define unique approved product lists (APLs), then issue highly customized digital purchase cards that can be used to buy only pre-approved foods across iQPay’s network of national and local food retailers. The goal is to support food card programs that focus on healthier diets. The collaboration will enable client programs to now specify which grocery foods are covered, as well as purchase availability at participating retailers.

Together, Sifter and iQPay will deliver custom-guided spend programs to help manage chronic diseases, food allergies, and food insecurity while supporting a variety of lifestyle or religious choices through diet. 

For example:

  • Employer wellness programs providing healthy snacking cards, good for the purchase of pre-approved foods and beverages.
  • Health insurers assisting chronic disease patients with a monthly stipend to encourage diet adherence, leading to lower medical costs.
  • Government food security programs inviting food-industry sponsors to promote healthier food choices via additional spend in nutritious children’s cereals.  
  • Hospital registered dietitians creating medically tailored grocery lists that populate a guided spend card for use by patients upon discharge.
  • Consumer packaged goods companies sponsoring in-store QR codes connected to a short health questionnaire that generates a payment card good for the purchase of compatible foods.

“Sifter is excited to work with iQPay in offering medically tailored solutions that incentivize better food choices,” said Andrew Parkinson, co-founder and CEO of Sifter. “The combined offering is powerful. For iQPay’s guided spend programs, Sifter can build APLs that offer an unprecedented choice of grocery foods in all categories, extending healthy eating options beyond the produce aisle and into the frozen, packaged and convenience food sections.”

“iQPay’s partnership with Sifter is critical for the evolution of Food as Medicine programs nationwide. With Sifter’s data capabilities, we can now quickly launch and scale highly customized food programs at more than 50,000 locations nationally,” stated Ken Erickson, iQPay CEO.

About Sifter Solutions: Sifter’s nutrition technology bridges the gap between consumers’ health priorities and grocery store foods. Designed for food retailers, health and insurance platforms, and food benefit providers, Sifter’s Shop By Diet technology automates grocery product eligibility at the UPC level for unlimited combinations of diets, food preferences, and ingredient exclusions. Sifter’s tech stack includes in-store scanning for wider product discovery, recipe customization by diet, and intelligent product curation based on food-assistance eligibility, cultural preferences, and medically accepted options. The full suite of Sifter solutions can be integrated into client platforms through flexible APIs or turnkey white-label implementation. For more information, visit SifterSolutions.com.

About iQPay: iQPay, an innovative FinTech company, is on a mission to remove the barriers that hinder compliance with a healthy lifestyle including education, access, and cost. iQPay works with employers, health plans, and other health advocates to educate and drive employees and members to low-cost retail providers. The iQPay platform can be used to drive compliance with health activities such as immunizations and biometric screenings, encourage healthy food choices, track ongoing management of at-risk members and deliver reward incentives in near real time. To learn more about how iQPay can help you and your organization achieve your healthcare goals, go to iQPay.com or email [email protected].


Pierce Hollingsworth
Sifter, Chief Content Officer
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Mobile: 630-815-6592

Joe Wellborn
iQPay, Chief Marketing Officer
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Mobile: 505-715-3694

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Pierce Hollingsworth

Chief Content Officer

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Sifter Solutions and iQPay Join Forces to Build Healthy Eating Solutions

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