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Actor Morris Chestnut to host Dave Brown’s Indie Night Film Festival Tour

Why wait once a year to be seen and miss all this work in between”

— Dave Brown

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Dave Brown, a symbol of excellence in the independent film arena, recently revealed that well-known actor Morris Chestnut would be hosting the inaugural Indie Night Film Festival Tour in Atlanta, Georgia. The Plaza Theatre at 1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE is where this game-changing event will take place, transforming the city into a hub of cinematic innovation and inclusivity.

Born from Brown’s visionary idea in 2012, the Indie Night Film Festival has become a coveted platform for aspiring and seasoned filmmakers alike, showcasing a dazzling variety of cinematic treasures including short films, web series, trailers, full features and commercials. This festival has been the catalyst for the ascent of numerous esteemed artists, acting as a launchpad into the zenith of the industry.

Marking the first-ever touring event of its kind, the festival is set to be amplified by the charisma and credibility of Chestnut, an illustrious two-time NAACP Image Award winner, who earned his latest accolade for his compelling portrayal in “The Best Man: Final Chapters.” Chestnut’s commitment to the festival reinforces its mission to be the beacon of opportunity for all filmmakers, spanning across genres and irrespective of their professional journey. Brown fervently invites all creatives to bring forth their masterpieces for festival inclusion.

Adding to the Festival’s intrigue is a riveting Q & A spotlight featuring festival luminary DJ QNice. An embodiment of musical inspiration, DJ QNice channels the kinetic legacy of trailblazers like DJ Jam Master Jay, DJ Kid Capri, DJ Jazzy Jeff, amongst others. His dynamic presence reverberates through each show, weaving an indelible narrative of creativity and synergy with the audience. Since a chance meeting with Dave Brown, DJ QNice has been an ardent supporter of the Indie Night Film Festival, devoting eight years to its evolution and fostering an electrifying rapport with heavyweights like Morris Chestnut and Jamie Foxx.

The grand inauguration of the tour will be held on June 11th in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, the proud birthplace of Brown’s intellectual journey at Morehouse College.

Brown’s inspiration behind the festival stems from his unwavering commitment to diversity in film. He envisions this trailblazing tour as a spotlight illuminating talents from every walk of life, independent of their financial background. An audacious declaration of what the public has been devoid of, Brown aims to redefine the film landscape with this initiative.

An array of celebrities including Morris Chestnut, Dave Brown, Datari Turner, Jill Marie Jones, Roberto Sanchez,
Jermaine “J Young MDK” Carter, among others, will be gracing the event. The screenings will include a selection of poignant and provocative films, showcasing a plethora of diverse talent.

To delve deeper into Dave Brown’s revolutionary Indie Night Film Festival Tour and submit your creative prowess for consideration, visit indienightfilmfestival.com. Join the conversation and stay updated with the latest developments on social media at @davebrownusa and @indienightff.

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Indie Night Film Festival – Atlanta

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