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Artica Burr’s “Monty’s Magnificent Hairball” Delves into the Devious Interpersonal World of Coexisting Cats and Dogs

“Monty’s Magnificent Hairball” by Artica Burr

As fiction merges with reality, I keep pencil to paper.

It’s an old debate. Rather than choosing sides, Artica Burr’s novel, “Monty’s Magnificent Hairball”, celebrates the spirited coping attempts of cats and dogs.

The achievement of inter-species communication depends upon the willingness of both species to regularly and determinedly plumb the depths of such exchanges.”

— Artica Burr

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Monty’s Magnificent Hairball,” offering pure escapism, is a delightful addition to every reader’s bookshelf. Written with a playful, humorous, heartwarming touch, it lends the reader an extraordinary “cat’s eye” lens to view the shared home life of cats and dogs. Must all canines, bow-wow down to the regal feline supremacy mindset? Enjoy the extra treat provided to the reader as a centerfold of melt-your-heart like butter. The numerous cat and dog characters within the novel are displayed in full color except for Dory, who is left to the reader’s imagination.

Meet Monty, a young cat vexed by a human imposed diet limitation. Unable to speak his mind, he seeks feline wisdom beyond a scratch post, from a gathering of neighborhood cats. Monty especially consults with Dory, who offers Monty the catnip of the soul valuable lessons about respect, consideration, and responsibility. However, Monty, with his independent attitude, fails to catch on.

The meow games don’t stop there. Monty’s least favorite human family member, the Man, invites a puppy, and a full-grown terrier to share in the household which has been Monty’s personal realm. Outgunned, Monty is grateful Dory is temporarily staying at his home, but the plan the two cats had about dealing with the puppy slips by the wayside. Monty takes matters into his own devious paws devoid of claws and works to entice the puppy into the realm of feline worship. Other household issues begin to pile up like supper dishes in the kitchen sink. Intruders prove beyond the reach of Monty’s regal saunter. Canine instinct is one eye open and ready to serve and protect. With both eyes now open, can Monty admit how much he misjudged the Man?

Artica Burr writes: “I must admit that 98 % of the antics written for Monty’s character were actually dreamt up and executed by real live felines who lived with me or family and friends. The other 2 % of maneuvers were suggested to me by my dogs who desperately wanted to be included in the novel. Since my computer reads aloud there was no deceiving them. Into the mix, they went. When they heard their names read aloud, they wagged away and gave out thank you kisses.”

“Monty’s Magnificent Hairball”, by author Artica Burr allows her furry characters to leave several insightful takeaways. Meow-a days, many people seem to fall short of the fact that communication, empathy, and companionship help balance life. It can only be beneficial to a relationship if it is built upon respect, consideration, and taking responsibility. Even with differences, we can coexist in harmony by practicing acceptance and understanding and limiting ourselves to only innocent, playful schemes.

Visit Artica Burr’s official website at www.articaburr.com to see a full lineup of her diversified collection of books published as well as those slated to come to print in 2024 and thereafter.

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