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Building Confidence, Resilience, and Success

Building Confidence, Resilience, and Success

Dr. Twanna Carter (Photo by Renee Wilhite)

To be resilient, learn from your experiences, develop coping mechanisms, and surround yourself with positive support systems.”

— Dr. Twanna Carter

BOWIE, MARYLAND, USA, August 9, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Twanna Carter, PhD, career coach and professional certified coach (PCC) is hosting a captivating live video series taking place throughout the month of August titled “Empowerment in the Modern Workplace: Building Confidence, Resilience, and Success.”

In a world of constant change, the modern workplace presents both unprecedented challenges and opportunities for Black women. “It’s with great excitement that we unveil our upcoming live series,” Dr. Carter said. This series aims to equip professional Black women with the tools, strategies, and insights they need to thrive in today’s dynamic work environment.

The series will delve into pertinent topics that Black women grapple with daily:

5 Practical Tips for Overcoming Self-doubt: Discover actionable ways to combat the internal and external voices that limit your potential.

How to Handle Microaggressions at Work: Equip yourself with strategies to identify, confront, and navigate subtle yet harmful workplace interactions.

Thriving Amidst Toxicity – Unleashing Your Unique Strengths and Skills: Identify toxic situations, safeguard your well-being, and harness your unique talents to succeed.

Boosting Your Self-Confidence in Leadership – 12 Proven Ways: Ascend the ranks with conviction. Understand the methods that drive effective and confident leadership.

Why You Should Set Intentions Rather Than Goals: Shift your perspective to achieve more meaningful success and professional satisfaction.

The seminar series promises viewers will walk away not only with new insights but actionable strategies they can apply immediately to foster a positive workplace experience.

“Empowerment in the Modern Workplace: Building Confidence, Resilience, and Success” will air live on Wednesdays at 8:35pm ET/7:35pm CST/5:35pm PST on Dr. Carter’s LinkedIn profile and her YouTube channel. The series will be available to watch for free on YouTube after the live airing.

Dr. Twanna Carter, a highly qualified coach, brings over 20 years of expertise to empower and support professional Black women across diverse industries such as finance, healthcare, tech, and non-profit organizations.

If you missed any of the series, you can catch the replays on Dr. Twanna’s YouTube channel.

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