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Capitano Music Corporation to partner with Massin-Jae in upcoming 5-track debut release in new official document release

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Capitano Music Corporation LTD UK has announced a partnership with up-and-coming musical artist and pianist Massin-Jae to release and distribute 5 tracks soon.

‘CMC intends to carry on working with Massin-Jae, even after the contracts ceases effect, in distributing albums and singles as such. CMC is also open to working with new users on distributing songs.’”

— -Representative for CMC

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 1, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — On the 22nd of April, 22023, CMC released a document detailing an agreement between the popular music distributor and and an up-and-coming artist known as Massin-Jae, where CMC intends to distribute 5 tracks composed and mastered by the pianist.

The official documents state that the tracks have not been released to the public as of yet by either party, and does not give much information as to the name of the tracks, their duration etc. However, it does announce the span of the releases will take approximately five days to one week. They also state that CMC will have full rights to distribute the music, and intends to release the tracks under a Creative Commons CCBY license, allowing listeners to use the music in commercial and non-commercial projects for free provided they supply attribution, thus making this an official CMC release.

The official documents state the following, in the Capitano Music Corporation LTD and Massin-Jae official partnership document:

Upon the sidereal day of Saturday, 22nd of April, 2023, Capitano Music corporation and Massin-Jae will form a CMC Release Partnership Contract.

Number of tracks to be distributed under social networks owned and managed by Capitano Music Corporation LTD – 5

The contract will cease effect after the 5th tracks makes public release, excluding the profits section and licensing agreements.

All tracks released under CMC’s social networks will be released under a Creative Commons CCBY license.

Under this license, users will have the right to–Use Massin-Jae’s work in commercial and non-commercial projects, provided they supply correct attribution. This attribution must mention that the music has been composed by Massin-Jae, and that the composed music is an official CMC Release.

Let this document state that Capitano music Corpoaration provides full permission for Massin-Jae to use the work without need of attribution to CMC.

Any other user found guilty of violating this rule will be contacted by Capitano Music Corporation LTD.

Do the following tracks contain explicit language or potentially inappropriate content? – No

CMC’s Guidance tool recommends this track is universal and has no age limits – Group U

Estimated time to release said tracks – 5 to 7 days.

Let this document state that CMC will receive 30% of the profits made from these releases, including any Twitter posts in relation to Massin-Jae and any YouTube videos in relation to Massin-Jae. This rule extends to other social media posts mentioning Massin-Jae by an account that officially represents Capitano Music Corporation LTD.

Capitano Music Corporation takes full responsibilities for any legal action taken, in representation of Massin-Jae

This partnership means that this will be CMC’s debut release and Massin-Jae’s first partnership agreement, a new experience for both parties.

However, according to other sources, all the songs and tracks released under CMC will be derived from the same album.

A representative for CMC relayed the following message a few days after the release of the document.

‘CMC intends to carry on working with Massin-Jae, even after the contracts ceases effect, in distributing albums and singles as such. CMC is also open to working with new users on releasing and distributing new albums or singles as such, as we are an accessible music distribution service, which aims to empower up-and-coming artists.’

This debut partnership means that the singles released under CMC could be eligible for future contents and award ceremonies, as relayed by another representative for CMC:

‘CMC has discussed upon multiple times on implementing new award ceremonies for the artists that they distribute; a contest whereby the strongest artist of the year wins newfound reputation amongst the music industry, with even more connections.’

However, not much else has been mentioned towards this concept.

You can email your enquiries to CMC, or submit your own musical works at [email protected]

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