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Cinema Verde is Pleased to Announce the Film Awards for the 14th Annual Film and Arts Festival 2023


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Cinema Verde 2023

Invitation to CinemaVerde's Earth Day Weekend Events.  Friday, April 21st is the Ashley Creek Clean Up. Saturday, April 22nd is the Film Showcase at Cypress & Grove, and Sunday, April 23rd is the Awards Dinner at Passions Field.

Join us in celebrating our Earth for the weekend!

Congratulations to the Cinema Verde 2023 filmmakers!

Environmental awareness and education are at the core of our mission. Cinema Verde is here to lead the way to a sustainable future.”

— Trish Riley, Cinema Verde Director

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, April 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Congratulations to the Cinema Verde 2023 filmmakers! Their films were featured in the 14th annual film festival online at www.CinemaVerde.org, with filmmaker discussions and interviews online along with 70 newly selected films. Thanks to the new Cinema Verde Channel, most of the films, interviews, and news can be viewed online at the member’s convenience year-round.

Many of these films will be featured at the Cinema Verde Earth Day Celebration April 22 at Cypress and Grove in Gainesville, FL

Submissions for our 15th Annual Cinema Verde and quarterly events are now open! Click Here!


The Winners of the 14th Annual Cinema Verde International Environmental Film and Arts Festival 2023 are:

Most Engaging: SB2508: A Death Threat to Everglades Restoration, Noah Alexander Miller, USA, 2022, 30 min

Most Revealing Award: Be Water: Andes to Amazonia, Julia Blagny, Bolivia, 2021, 52 min

Water Award: BlackWater, Annick Joseph, Jiahui Shen, Ethan Beckley, USA, 2021, 12 min

Waste Award: Cardboard Scavengers, Macela Moran and Martiza Bautista, USA, 2022, 14 min

Contamination Award: The Cost of Free Water, Jérémie Battaglia, Canada, 2021, 52 min

Activism Award: Crossing the Divide, Ralph King, USA, 2017, 15 min

Earth Award: Dispas Speaks, Craig Leon, Ecuador, 2022, 6min

Arts Award: Eco Arts in Action, Terry Melvin, Australia, 2022, 16 min

Humor Award:The Elusive Purpurea Vulpavis, Michèle Kaye, Canada, 2022, 10 min

Most Uplifting Award: Gaia & Luna: A Mermaid Dream Journey, djassi daCosta johnson, USA, 2022, 6 min

Legal Redux Award: Green Justice: Can the Law Save the Planet? Stenka Quillet, France, 2021, 54 min

Wildlife Award: HOME, Jiwoo Lee, USA, 2022, 9 min

Local Award: Home Waters, Jennifer Adler, USA, 2022, 15 min

Nature Award: In Praise of Insects [Sandbox], Kumi Oda, Japan, 2020, 7 min

Compassion Award: Life with Bats, David Luff, Australia, 2022, 6 min

Best High School Film: Mālama i ke Kai, Genisis Stice, Mekia Kekona Eaton and Bonshia Kajimwe, USA, 2022, 6 min

Best Solution: Mamody, The Last Baobab Digger, Cyrille Cornu, France, Madagascar, 2022, 50 min

Education Award: Nature Nut: Wet N’ Wild, Meghan Cahill, USA, 2022, 13 min

Community Award: Once You Know, Emmanuel Cappellin, France, 2020, 104 min

Best Animation: THE SPRAYER, Farnoosh Abedi, Iran, 2022, 9 min

NextGen Award: The Windshield Effect, Anthony Meindl, USA, 2023, 8 min

End of the Road Award: They Want to Build a Road Here! City vs Country, S C, USA, 2022, 27 min

Strategic Targeting Award: Total Disaster, Keil Orion Troisi and Molly Gore, USA, 2022, 11 min

Habitat Award: Turtle, Reza Skbarian Gelshklaei, Iran, 2021, 15 min

Sustainability Award: Water We Doing? The Global Mission to Clean Water, Daniel Gartzke, USA, 2020, 66 min

Rebuilding Award: WE STILL HERE, Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi, Puerto Rico, 2021, 54 min

Best Dramatization: We Trees, Sam Kauffmann, USA, 2021, 2 min

Cinema Verite Award: Uncovering the Permian Climate Bomb, Sharon Wilson and Miguel Escoto, USA, 2022, 14 min

Audience Choice Award: THE FIRE CATS – Save Something Small, Katharine Parsons Canada, 2021, 80 min

Everyone who submitted films worked so hard, and the team at Cinema Verde and those who watched all over the world appreciate the work these filmmakers put into each one of their films. Thank you!

View our full press release with film images and descriptions included.

New Film Submissions Are Open Now! Click Here

Cinema Verde is a Florida not-for-profit corporation designated as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the IRS: Contributions are tax deductible. Solicitation License# CH33749. Thank you for your support!

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