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Dance at NYC Independent Film Festival New York

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Scene from 'Steps Of Freedom'

Scene from ‘Steps Of Freedom’

Ruán Magan, film director 'Steps Of Freedom'

Ruán Magan, film director ‘Steps Of Freedom’

Scene from 'Bailaora'

Scene from ‘Bailaora’

Scene2 from 'Bailaora'

Scene2 from ‘Bailaora’

Feet off the floor at the 15th edition of New York’s best film festival

My biggest fascination as a documentary filmmaker is when I can have access to and witness unique moments in life, unique characters, and truth.”

— Pablo Croce, film director ‘Bailaora’

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Get those feet off the floor at the 15th edition of the NYC Independent Film Festival in New York. On a special evening, Saturday June 10th, the film festival will focus on two beautiful dance films: ‘Steps of Freedom’ about the world famous dance from Ireland. And ‘Bailaora’ about flamenco dance. Two dance films for the price of one.


Steps of Freedom reveals how Irish dance was shaped over centuries through interactions with many cultures as it evolved from a simple folk dance to become a global phenomenon loved by millions around the world. The films shows some incredible dance performances. and beautifully portrays the assimilation of dance into Irish culture, melding of African and Irish dance, and how Irish dancing was integrated into American culture during Irish immigration. A carefully made documentary, very moody, with a lot of archive, a lot of music and dance. All the research about the roots of Irish dance is well done.

Film director Ruán Magan (born 1968) is an Irish director, producer, writer and creator whose work in drama, documentary, theatre and major stadium events has been recognised with over 40 international industry awards and has reached audiences of millions around the world.


Bailaora is a feature film documentary that tells the story of Siudy Garrido and her groundbreaking work as a Flamenco artist, immigrant, and woman.

The film tracks Garrido’s unmatched work ethic— directing a band of seven top male-musicians and choreographing a six-dancer cops de ballet— as well as her trailblazing force as a Venezuelan-born artist in a traditionally Spanish genre. Throughout the film, Garrido’s sensitive and insightful narration offers us a peak into the realities of life as an artist and what it means to find one’s own voice within the noise of society.

Film director Pablo Croce is a Tribeca award-winning professional who leads the viewer into the mesmerizing world of Flamenco’s seductive strings and percussive footwork and shows the grit and grace it takes to be a Flamenco artist in contemporary times.

Dance at NYCindieFF: Saturday June 10 – from 9:00 pm to 11:45 pm – Theater 2 at the Producer’s Club.

The NYC Independent Film Festival in New York always pays a lot of attention to Canadian films and filmmakers. The festival focuses mainly on independent filmmakers who do not have the support of major film companies, but often have to write, produce, finance and make their own film projects individually. To support those makers, the NYC Independent Film Festival is the platform to present their films for a week – from 4 to 11 June 2023 at the Producer’s Club in New York, West 44th and 9th.

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