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New Drama Series Dives Deep into Authentic Portrayal of Terminal Illness Caregiving

Rise and Rumble

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — A new drama series, ‘Rise and Rumble,’ presents themes of hope, love, caregiving, and redemption: Reed McMurphy is winning at life until his famous, mentor father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. When his business and marriage also implode, Reed’s well-constructed reality shatters. As he and his three adopted siblings face the helplessness of caregiving and their father’s inevitable demise, they each begin spinning out of control in their own way. Reed starts to see failure everywhere he looks. And Reed does not fail.

“[This] story will bring immense awareness to a large audience that is unfamiliar with real-life struggles of family caregiving of all kinds, and in particular, untreatable diseases,” says Euseph Messiah, the writer and producer of ‘Rise and Rumble.’ “With hits such as ‘This is Us’ and ‘Friday Night Lights’ as inspiration, ‘Rise and Rumble’ is a fresh, raw, and authentic portrayal of a family thrust unexpectedly into a new chapter, and fearlessly explores the highs and lows as they struggle to navigate every step.”

Messiah decided to reference his real-life experience caring for his father, who battled stage 4 cancer, into a powerful story: “Each character seemed to morph into a stage of grief that I was going through, and I fell in love with their need to be there for each other, despite the inevitable pain they were feeling and with all the relatable family dynamics and genuine conflict this presents, laid bare.”

Tiffany FitzHenry, Producer of ‘Rise and Rumble,’ adds there is so much truth and humanity to explore within this story, which affords an opportunity for a broad audience appeal and something for everyone: “The fact that the patriarch, Ed McMurphy aka ‘Coach’ is this national figure known as “America’s Mentor,” gives us the opportunity to really dig deep on topics such as life’s challenges, adversity, determination, and overcoming obstacles. The concept of family as a ‘team’ – [allows] for Coach to bring a signature depth, inspiration, and wisdom to bear, all while he is slipping away from them and being humbled and humanized in his children’s eyes.”

‘Rise and Rumble,’ the pilot proof-of-concept, was privately screened last month at the Studio Movie Grill in Marietta, GA, and was filmed, directed, and produced in Sandy Springs, GA. Currently, the project will begin a targeted prestigious festival run, but with interest from distributors and investors alike. The goal is to eventually expand the project into a limited series for a network or streamer.

The producers, Euseph Messiah, Tiffany FitzHenry, Calah Frazier, and Dusty Mitchell, focused on writing, directing, producing, and casting – all in Georgia. Both Messiah and FitzHenry are passionate about the next steps for the Georgia entertainment industry, FitzHenry adding, “With the best in class infrastructure and world-class crews – as Georgia-based creatives – we are uniquely positioned to establish the next phase in transforming the nation’s top production industry into a bona fide film industry, complete with writer’s rooms and the ability to not only create from script to screen but to finance package and secure distribution; the power to green-light, all from right here in Georgia.”

The cast consists of talented actors, all thriving in their careers:

Euseph Messiah stars as ‘Reed’ in ‘Rise and Rumble.’ Founder of LegacyReign Studios, Actor and Writer/Producer, Euseph can be seen in “Till”, recurring on “The Resident”, Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” and “Black Lightning,” and guest stars on “Sprung” and “Mindhunter”.

Austin Alexander plays ‘Blake’ in “Rise and Rumble.” He is known for “Mercy Street,” playing Trapp in “Emancipation,” “Welcome to Flatch,” and roles in “Fear of the Walking Dead.”

Tyriq Withers plays ‘Bobby’ in “Rise and Rumble.” He is known for his roles in “Atlanta,” “Tell Me Lies,” and “The Game.”

Alex Mitchell plays Grace in “Rise and Rumble.” She is known for her work in “Bezos,” “Pain Hustlers,” “Candy,” and “Dirty Little Deeds.”

Jennifer Le Guin plays ‘Carissa’ in “Rise and Rumble.” She is known for her work in “Dopesick,” “Tyson’s Run,” and “Queens.”

Dwight Hicks plays ‘Coach’ in “Rise and Rumble.” He is known for his work in “Armageddon,” and “Cold Case,” to name a few.

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