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OneDoor Studios Begins Development on “Calculated” Series: The First Crowd-Created Film using Artificial Intelligence

AI collaborated logos for all four Calculated sequels

OneDoor Studios Begins Development on “Calculated” Series: The First Crowd-Created Film using Artificial Intelligence – Trilogy Now Crowdfunding at WeGo.One

We want to be an Open Sourced Studio. At WeGo.One, we’re not only offering transparency in our investments, but in our development process.”

— OneDoor Studios CEO John J. Lee Jr.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, USA, May 15, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — OneDoor Studios, the development and distribution studio from film producer and finance legend John J. Lee Jr., is leveraging its unique model of fan and investor-funded project development to the popular young adult series “CALCULATED.” With an industry-first interactive application of artificial intelligence (AI), the first-of-its-kind project brings together investors, artists, producers, team leaders and the author of “Calculated”, Nova McBee, in a fascinating, real-time design and artist development process. Ann Peacock, of “NARNIA: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe,” is currently writing the screenplay.

CALCULATED is the story of teen hero Jo, who has a near-supernatural ability to predict the future through calculations that she sees in real-time. Kidnapped to Shanghai by a dark international cartel, kidnappers thought they could use her gift to grow their empire. But they miscalculated…

Under OneDoor Studios’ mission to be the “World’s First Fan-Funded and Fan-Created Film Studio,” development is already underway on “Calculated.” This process has found a home in the WeGo.One’s Discord channel, where fans and investors weigh in on everything from character design, to sets, to special effects that showcase the protagonist’s special mathematical abilities. The interactive process brings in AI artists who are required to be deeply versed in the source material and who liaise with the investors and author Nova McBee at breakneck speed. McBee gives her insights and guidance, spawning new versions of images created through MidJourney V5 Pro users on Discord at the WeGo.One AI server. The studio plans to be among the first to utilize evolving tools such as Chat GPT, Jasper.ai and Adobe Firefly for AI-generated storyboarding and previsualization – not behind typical closed doors, but open-sourced as a community for its investors and “Co-Creators.”

“We want to be an Open Sourced Studio. At WeGo.One, we’re not only offering transparency in our investments, but in our development process. The advancements in AI technology have empowered our fan-obsessed model to help establish a new type of interactive development pipeline and brings fans in, rather than cutting them out,” said OneDoor Studios CEO John J. Lee Jr.

“The process of working directly with fans and artists has been mind-blowing on so many levels,” said CALCULATED author Nova McBee. “When discussing the look of a character or a storyboard, the fans are inspiring me to think of things differently, and I’m guiding them in the creation of these concepts. The response time in utilizing the AI with the incredible artists on the team means that with every suggestion, within literally minutes, we have new versions to incorporate and discuss. It’s a true partnership of purpose.”

CALCULATED and the sequels have already raised $3 million, and we are offering profits units under Regulation A to fund the development of the sequels in the series, SIMULATED and ACTIVATED. More information on funding and investment opportunities can be found at http://www.WeGo.One. Please read the Regulation A Offering Circular, found here, before making an investment decision.

About OneDoor Studios and WeGo.One

Interested in film investing, but you want to find a better way? OneDoor Studios is built on the belief that powerful stories, well-told, enrich lives and cultures. Founded by the author of the Producer’s Business Handbook taught in most schools, John J. Lee joined a team of technology partners to engage crowdfunding into a new financial model for Hollywood. Now, investors can be an insider, and anyone can share in the profits of major studio movies. With a credit card and a click, film buffs can choose a project to invest in. Investors, both big and small, can join the community and get exclusive behind the scenes privileges with the growing crowdfunding community at WeGo.One. Members get weekly updates from the producers who’ve worked on 23 major movies, and they get an opportunity for an early return – plus share in profits. In partnership with leading global territory distributors, OneDoor Studios aims to develop, produce and distribute motion pictures and series able to dominate the global box-office…and every other sized screen.


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