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Philip Liberatore, Award-Winning Tax Specialist, Says Ending IRS’ Unannounced Visits Provides Taxpayers Little Relief

Philip Liberatore

To safeguard workers and combat scammers, the IRS announces the discontinuation of pop-up visits to taxpayers.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Philip Liberatore, an award-winning tax specialist, says American taxpayers will not benefit much from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ending its policy of unannounced visits to taxpayers. The (IRS) recently announced its decision to terminate a long-standing practice of conducting unannounced home and business visits. This measure aims to enhance the safety of its workers and counteract scammers disguising themselves as IRS agents, states the Associated Press. According to Liberatore, his personal opinion and view is that this primarily focuses on safeguarding the IRS and its workers rather than offering substantial protection to the American people.

“Frankly speaking, it’s not much to cheer about – the IRS is saying it’s stopping the practice to protect their own agents. How about concern for the American Taxpayer?” informs Liberatore.

In recent years, the agency has encountered increased threats, partly attributed to some suggesting that IRS agents would intensify their focus on middle-income taxpayers following the enactment of a climate, health care, and tax bill that allocated $80 billion for enhancing tax collections. The Associated Press says, according to a report from the Treasury Department’s Inspector General for Tax Administration, there is a significant concern that individuals, including taxpayers and anti-government or anti-tax groups with malicious intentions, may exploit the internet or social media to locate and identify IRS employees, their families, homes, and personal information. Liberatore from his own personal opinion and view says the IRS should have never implemented such tactics. “The use of these antics by the IRS highlights the importance of seeking professional advice and guidance when dealing with tax matters,” believes Liberatore via his own opinion.

“Why was the IRS using these tactics in the first place – showing up on people’s doorstep unannounced? It’s another reminder to never go up against the IRS alone. Always let the pros handle them, like me, the IRS Problem Solver – when it comes to the IRS, I’m your heavy hitter,” states Liberatore.

Liberatore’s remarkable background in IRS management and extensive three-decade-long association with the organization showcases his valuable expertise. Having assisted numerous clients effectively with a wide range of IRS issues, his exceptional negotiation skills offer clients a rare chance to attain comprehensive resolutions. Liberatore’s established credibility with the IRS grants him the necessary professional respect to handle intricate tax matters confidently.

“My team of experts has a 99.99% success rate, plus the knowledge and skills to help taxpayers resolve their tax problems,” Liberatore informs.

To learn more about Philip Liberatore and his expert tax services, click here: https://www.liberatorecpa.com/

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