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Six National Awards Winner, “As the Sycamore Grows: A Hidden Cabin, the Bible, and a .38” Special Edition Available Now

“As the Sycamore Grows: A Hidden Cabin, the Bible, and a .38” Book Cover

Author Jennie Miller Helderman

Critically Acclaimed Special Edition Novel Available In Stores and Online Now

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — “As the Sycamore Grows: A Hidden Cabin, the Bible, and a .38” is a critically acclaimed and award-winning novel with a harrowing narrative by journalist Jennie Miller Helderman. The book is nonfiction about survival and ending the legacy of abuse. The book contains chilling, yet heartwarming detail about the abuse survivor, her abuser, family members, friends and others. The special updated edition contains an epilogue and resources for readers, especially those with violent partners.

Overview of “As the Sycamore Grows”

A true story of abuse, loss, redemption and hope that winds from south Texas to a sycamore tree in Tennessee. Mike escaped his father’s fists, but years later glimpsed himself in his father’s casket. Ginger named the sycamore tree for her son, Trent. It grew slowly like independence. This is Ginger’s story and Mike’s, yet it didn’t begin with them.

Journalist Jennie Miller Helderman takes the reader inside Ginger and Mike’s world. Ginger suffered physical, mental and sexual abuse at Mike’s hands as well as financial and spiritual abuse. This special updated edition – winner of six literary awards – revisits the story of Ginger, who became a court-appointed advocate and partnered with Jennie to speak frequently about how to help those with violent partners and offers many resources. During Covid-19, cases escalated dramatically, because isolation from friends and family is one of the main tools in an abuser’s arsenal of weapons.

What Others Are Saying

“This story grabs hold of your heart and squeezes it dry. It is a tale so touching, so emotionally overwhelming, women will cringe and thank God they never had to walk in Ginger’s shoes, and men will wish they could have met Ginger’s husband in a dark alley. I applaud author Jennie Helderman’s gift for writing, and I marvel at Ginger’s courage for sharing it.”- Jedwin Smith, two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, author of “Our Brother’s Keeper and “Fatal Treasure”

“With the careful eye of a journalist and the committed heart of a creative writer, Helderman provides witness to the kind of domestic violence and its after-effects that too many women suffer without the ability to express its tragedy. ‘As the Sycamore Grows’ becomes a fully realized and powerful account as Helderman twines her voice with that of Ginger, an abuse survivor. Such a story demands that it be told loud and clear, which is just what Helderman does.”- Sue William Silverman, author of “Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You” and “Fearless Confessions: A Writer’s Guide to Memoir”

“…a life-story of emancipation, personal fulfillment, and escape — not only from a padlocked cabin in the woods but from a backward anti-feminist culture into the broader world of contemporary human rights that is America’s mainstream attitudes towards women’s rights. Deftly written by an accomplished author…”- Midwest Book Review

“I certainly recommend this to the reader that is prepared for the journey, the real-life story of real people caught in the whirlwind of a heritage of abuse within their family tree. It takes strength and fortitude to grasp this book and then a bold step to open it.”

– Barbara Miller, Pacific Book Review

“I read ‘As the Sycamore Grows’ in one sitting….It illustrates how all domestic violence cases are similar and how each one is totally unique. Ginger’s courage and strength, and her ultimate triumph, shine a light for other battered women seeking freedom from violence for themselves and their children.”- Carol Gundlach, Former Executive Director, Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“Jennie Helderman has taken a heart-breaking issue and boiled it down to human beings, of flesh and blood and lost days and fearful nights. It opens the door on a too-common human story and closes you in with it.”- Rick Bragg, Pulitzer Prize-winner and international bestselling author of “All Over But the Shouting” and many other The New York Times bestsellers

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About Jennie Miller Helderman

Jennie Miller Helderman has long championed women’s and children’s issues from the grassroots to national levels, beginning with a call to a crisis center that led to the first women’s shelter in her hometown. She helped add a forensics component to a children’s advocacy center, chaired the boards of a statewide advocacy organization, and later Alabama’s Department of Human Resources (DHR). Charged with oversight of all the state’s social programs, DHR saw 5,200 clients per month. Jennie worked with a national organization to develop personal safety and leadership training for women.

“As the Sycamore Grows” is her third book and won numerous accolades including three 2011 Reader Views Literary Awards among publications from small, independent and academic presses: 1st in Memoir/Biography; first overall categories in 14-state Southeast Region; second in Narrative Nonfiction. The book took second in Women’s Issues awarded by International Book Awards 2011 from among books of all publishers in 44 countries; second in Women’s Issues awarded by USA Best Books 2011; voted 2011 Bonus Book of the Year by a network of 525 book clubs in the U.S. and 11 other countries; and nominated 2011 Best Nonfiction Book of the Year by Southern Independent Booksellers Association.

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