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Tim Dowlin To Hold NYC Premiere of His Film Not For Nothing

NEW YORK , NY, USA , May 3, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Tim Dowlin carries on the legacy of his late film partner and friend, Frank Tartaglia, with the NYC premiere of their feature film Not For Nothing, at this year’s New York CineFest on May 6th.

Not For Nothing is a gripping film about pain, struggle, and grief set in the underbelly of South Philly’s crime scene. The film makes its premiere at the 2nd Annual New York CineFest on May 6th.

Sadly, Frankie Tartaglia, the film’s co-writer and co-director, passed away in November 2022. His sudden death struck his community, cast, friends, and family without warning. But in his absence, friend and film partner Tim Dowlin is ensuring the film gets the recognition it deserves to carry on Frank’s Legcy as an innovative creator who was lost far too soon.

Co-writers and co-directors Frank Tartaglia and Tim Dowlin tell a modernized story of the Italian American mafia in Philadelphia, two brothers who take us on a journey of loss and revenge for going wrong through their daily street hustle. When their vengeful path gets derailed and their clumsy attempts to make things right fail, they unknowingly add fuel to the fire of a war they didn’t know they ignited. Despite the movie giving a sense of retribution for its character, the story isn’t another mafia movie.

They deal with loss and grief in a city whose drug epidemic has wreaked havoc and taken away family members and friends. Dowlin says, “If you’re from Philly, you know someone who is battling with addiction and have overdosed. We wanted to tap into that, make that a motivating factor for revenge, for dealing with someone who is coming onto their turf and peddling poison.”

Tartaglia explained that the film was made up but included characters based on real people living in South Philly, “Tim wanted us to write a modern-day Italian American mafia movie that took place in south Philadelphia. I was interested in telling a story that involved these Italian American characters but without them being mafia assholes. I also didn’t want greed to be the motivation to set the characters into action. Eventually, after many discussions and thinking, we came upon the idea of the girl who O’D’s on fentanyl and a gang of neighborhood guys who try to solve her suspicious death. Once we had that, we built the rest of the story around that.”

The cast includes Mark Webber and Lauren Lavera. Webber plays the film’s antagonist, Bobby Boss. He also produced the film and is known for his roles in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The People I know featuring Al Pacino, and most recently, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot opposite Joaquin Phoenix. Lauren LaVera is an actress and martial artist best known for her lead role as Siena in the gory cult classic sequel Terrifier 2.

The film also stars Mike Bash (Shameless), Carmine Yusko, and Michael Gambino, who also starred in Shameless.Other Cast members include Danny Donelly (Common Grounds), Michael McFadden (Blindspot), Al Sapienza (Suits, Jack Ryan) and Comedian Vic DiBitetto also star.

The film’s premiere in May is highly anticipated after its success in the film festival circuit. The film also screened at the Garden State Film Festival earlier this year.

For more information on Not For Nothing, please visit here.

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