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Conservatives hope for Thanksgiving dinner table peace over Trump divide

Explaining Trump to Children and the Left

An adorable new book for conservatives about Trump seeks to bridge family political divides over Thanksgiving dinner

Let’s have a warm but not heated holiday season”

— Daniel Ben Abraham

UNITED STATES, November 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Celebrating Thanksgiving dinner in politically divided families often proves challenging. Holiday warmth often becomes heated divide over politics, with America not so split since perhaps the Civil War. Sadly, the disagreement over Donald Trump runs right down many family dinner tables.

But the difficulty in reaching common ground has not prevented one creative author from trying. Writing a snuggly and adorable yet smart book about Trump to build bridges was exactly his ambitious goal. Daniel Ben Abraham, the author of “Explaining Trump to Children and the Left,” admits the book with the “cute and snarky title” sought to accomplish the near-impossible, and bridge this painful gap in American viewpoints.

“I don’t expect differences between Trump lovers and his less than biggest fans to melt away entirely,” explains Abraham. The goal, rather, was to use a warm and loving tone to allow those opposed to Trump to at least understand where pro-Trump family members were coming from, so at least they could respectfully disagree.

The target audience of the book is of course conservatives, to enjoy quality family time, and share conservative values with their young ones and college-bound. The book’s main goal is to reinforce young people’s understandings certain to be challenged in today’s environment.

While most couldn’t imagine one book appealing to both sides, the book serves another purpose also. It has admittedly changed some views; sometimes of Trump himself, but more so at least of his supporters’ good intentions. The response from conservatives is unsurprisingly that they finally felt understood after years of explaining to no avail. And from Trump’s “less than biggest fans”, besides the book being artfully well-written, many finally understand the legitimate views of the pro-Trump crowd. Conservatives might find themselves remarking that they gave away their copy and need three more for other liberal friends and family members.

As an author and consultant on peace-building and conflict resolution mediation, Abraham admits that the book was very difficult to write for the divergent views of young people and grown-ups, Right, Left, and center. As a former Democrat himself, Abraham explains, “My goal was to explain in a short picture book not only the divergence of viewpoints over Trump himself, but the surrounding American values that his political role highlights.” The result was a short, easily digestible, and comprehensive narrative many have never heard explaining the reasons why intelligent, moral, and wise people might support Trump. Discussing politics is of course not always advised, but if you do venture there over turkey dinner, it’s nice to have a little help.

The Trump book, available on Amazon.com, is the perfect length to be readable in a few minutes, including a thoughtful “introduction for grown-ups”, and has over 70 full-color photographs. Giving one to a steaming family member to hopefully peacefully make it to dessert, is perhaps a good Thanksgiving for us all.

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