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Gainesville, Florida—WhiteSands outpatient rehab clinic received 5-star review from a patient who got sober

Gainesville, Florida—WhiteSands outpatient rehab clinic received 5-star review from a patient who got sober

I went to Whitesands treatment center in Tampa and it changed my life. When I left they set me up at their outpatient clinic back home in Gainesville and they are helping me keep my life on track.”

— Former Patient, Sonya L.

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — “I went to WhiteSands Treatment center in Tampa and it changed my life,” Sonya Larkin, a former patient reviews. “When I left they set me up at their outpatient clinic back home in Gainesville and they are helping me keep my life on track.”

WhiteSands Treatment in Gainesville provides patients with outpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment. Before patients are enrolled in outpatient addiction treatment at WhiteSands, they first go through a series of assessments and screenings. This goes over the history of patients and how their addiction started. If a patient gets admitted to WhiteSands’ outpatient treatment program, patients will get random drug screenings to make sure they continue to be sober.

The other outpatient program offered at WhiteSands Treatment is intensive outpatient treatment. This involves regular visits to WhiteSands, usually three days a week. It also includes in-depth cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on a different way of thinking through mental health treatment and getting to the root of the mental health issue, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression that might co-occur with drug and alcohol addiction.

Another important therapy patients will take part in during treatment is group therapy. Group therapy at WhiteSands Treatment consists of patients meeting once a day for one and a half hours. There’s a therapist that facilitates the group and conversation to stay on track. This gives patients a support system to rely on who is also going through a similar experience during addiction treatment. It also gives them the opportunity to participate openly with each other and offer some advice express their feelings openly and get feedback.

In addition to group therapy and other therapy options, WhiteSands Treatment has a holistic and medical approach to treating addiction. One of the treatments offered under the holistic care umbrella is art therapy. Art therapy specifically has been shown to get positive results. Art therapy is helpful for patients who have trouble expressing themselves through talking in a safe place and need a different outlet to express themselves. Art therapy gives patients a medium to express their emotions and feelings, whether it’s through painting, dance, music, or poetry. Eventually, patients, who can express easier through art, will heal more and have the skill level to have the awareness to accurately express themselves through words during mental health treatment.

Another helpful holistic treatment offered is biofeedback. Biofeedback consists of gaining biological information from the patient’s body and then presenting it back to them, so they can gain more control over it. This technique is known to improve a patient’s emotional and physical health, while also managing their pain. This type of treatment can be performed by using the following: an EMG, a feedback thermometer, respiratory, galvanic skin response, heart rate variability, peak performance training, and neurofeedback. Biofeedback treatment is shown to be effective with co-occurring disorders of substance abuse, which can include anxiety, depression, or migraines.

WhiteSands Treatment has many locations around Florida, but the one in Gainesville specifically focuses on outpatient treatment for residents who live here or nearby. Since WhiteSands Treatment doesn’t just offer medical treatment, the holistic treatment pulls patients in who want a more comprehensive approach to getting the help they need for addiction. Learn more about how WhiteSands Treatment can help with addiction by calling the facility at 877-640-7820 or visiting the website at www.whitesandstreatment.com or visit https://posts.gle/8xPD4r

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