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Sri Lankan American Muslim Faith leader, Soraya Marikar Deen, concerned over extremism

Soraya Deen addressing an audience in DC

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sri Lankan American Muslim woman faith and civil rights leader, Soraya Deen, expressed her dismay at the recent hateful rhetoric Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, espoused at a leading mosque in Colombo Sri Lanka on an official visit to the country. Soraya Marikar Deen, is the CEO of Muslim Womens Speakers, which is a sister organization of American Muslim and Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council AMMWEC, where she serves as an executive.

President Raisi’s history of human rights abuses, including the execution of thousands of political prisoners in Iran in the 1980s, should have raised red flags for all individuals involved in allowing him to speak at the mosque in Sri Lanka. Pakistan, another country visited by the Iranian president on his recent tour, as disclosed by an anonymous source, denied his request to speak at any public gatherings during his brief stop over in Pakistan.

“The influence of foreign leaders like President Raisi spreading extremism, hatred, and radicalizing Muslim youth is a dangerous trend that must be addressed immediately. The brainwashing of young individuals with messages of violence and animosity towards other nations only serves to divide communities and sow seeds of discord,” explained Soraya. It is essential for all Sri Lankans, regardless of their faith or background, to unite against hate speech and extremist ideologies. We must work together to foster tolerance, respect, and dialogue in order to cultivate a more peaceful and harmonious society,” she added.

The silence from Sri Lankan authorities in response to President Raisi’s hate speech towards Israel and the United States from within the precincts of a sacred mosque is concerning and alarming, said Ms. Deen who is also the Sri Lanka IRF Religious Freedom Roundtable Chair and co-chair of the Women’s Working Group of the IRF in Washington DC.

“Leaders must take a firm stand against any rhetoric or actions that threaten the peace and stability of our nation and impair the relationships between friendly nations. We urge all Sri Lankans to reject extremism in all its forms and to stand united in their dedication to promoting religious freedom, tolerance, and coexistence. Religion should be a tool for compassion and not extremism. Through open dialogue, understanding, and mutual respect, we can create a society where all individuals can live together in peace,” said Ms. Deen while speaking to an audience.

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