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Congratulations on the National Flag Day and Independence Day of Ukraine

Good August day to you, friends!

Today and tomorrow, Ukraine celebrates the holidays that are the foundation of its identity, freedom and indomitability: National Flag Day and Independence Day.

I know that thousands of people around the world have discovered a new side of Ukraine over the past year and a half and have fallen in love with Ukrainians for their sincerity, kindness and strength of spirit. The colors of the Ukrainian flag and the words of the Ukrainian anthem have touched the hearts of many.

At this festive time, I want to thank everyone who stood on the side of good and supported my Motherland. You are the best!

My dear Ukrainians, I would like to address you separately! War is a terrible tragedy, and its consequences are a heavy burden. We pay for our –Ündependence with the lives of the best people, whose memory will live on forever.

But the nation will survive, we will cope.

I wish you not to lose faith in this! I am grateful to the defenders for every new dawn for Ukraine! The blue and yellow flag, Ukrainian language and culture will definitely return to every corner of our blessed land!

Congratulations on the holidays!

Pavlo Kostyuk, head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund

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