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Head of the Fund Pavlo Kostiuk spoke about the prospects of the energy sector of Ukraine

The energy sector of Ukraine’s economy will develop rapidly in the near future and will be among the most attractive for investment, says Pavlo Kostyuk, chairman of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund.

“The war and the shelling of infrastructure facilities have forced Ukrainians to change their view of the culture of energy production and consumption. We can no longer afford to maintain inefficient facilities, wasting kilowatts and gigacalories. Therefore, a new system will grow on the basis of the one the enemy is trying to destroy. With the help of our Western partners, it will absorb the world’s best practices”, – said the head of the URF.

Pavlo Kostyuk thanked donors from different countries who contribute to the Ukrainian He also emphasized the assistance of the United States.

“I have been following the development of relations between our two countries. Recently, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo reaffirmed that the United States will help support new projects in the Ukrainian energy sector. There are already developments in nuclear and hydrogen energy, equipment manufacturing. There is an active exchange of experience. And this is just the beginning: in fact, the prospects for cooperation are very deep. In particular, in the green sector”, – said the head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund.

Pavlo Kostyuk added that he is particularly interested in working with projects based on energy efficiency principles. The Foundation’s specialists are already working on the development and implementation of such technologies in social infrastructure facilities.

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