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Humanitarian aid from the URF is going to Kharkiv and Odesa

Humanitarian aid from the URF is going to Kharkiv and Odesa

On August 10, the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund handed over a consignment of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The sending of containers from the New York port was personally supervised by the head of the URF, Pavlo Kostyuk.

He said that 25 pallets of household chemicals, detergents, and disinfectants are headed to Ukraine. First of all, hospitals, kindergartens, and other social organizations in Kharkiv and Odesa will receive help. Also, part of the humanitarian funds will be distributed among people who are in need due to the war and need special attention.

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The specified goods were handed over to the URF by the Funds ambassador, American actor Paul DeAngelo. Another of our partners, entrepreneur Joseph, kindly provided his warehouse for pallet storage. The delivery to Ukraine was undertaken by the charitable organization of The Synagogue for Holocaust survivor “Congregation of Meor Hachaim of Luna Park” headed by Roman Grinberg.

– This is the first consignment of aid that the Fund sends directly from the United States. We are glad that we can be with the people of Ukraine in a difficult time. Thank you for your sensitivity, kindness, and generosity to our friends, without whose support this event would not be possible – emphasized Pavlo Kostyuk.

Shipment of cargo. In the video from left to right: Pavlo Kostiuk, Roman Grinberg, Rabbi Haim Lomner, Joseph

Reports on the further course of the humanitarian campaign will appear on the official website of the URF. Follow our posts.

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