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Involvement of artificial intelligence in agriculture: what URF contestants offer

The participants of the URF scientific competition propose to use AIoT technology to predict the emergence and development of grain crop diseases.

The authors of the concept are Ivan Laktionov, Hryhorii Diachenko, Artem Vizniuk, and Oleksandr Zhabko, young employees and students of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Dnipro Polytechnic”.

They note that due to the war in Ukraine, there has been a significant reduction in agricultural areas for growing grain crops. This, in turn, negatively affects the food security of Ukraine and the world.

In their project, they propose a scientifically based approach to minimizing the consequences of this problem through the innovative modernization of agricultural enterprises by developing a software and hardware solution for predicting the occurrence and development of crop diseases during the full cycle of their cultivation based on Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT).

“The expected socio-economic effect is to increase the yield and quality of crops by improving the integrated stress resistance of field crops to climatic factors and disease susceptibility, which is possible due to the rapid detection of the probability of disease occurrence and development with automatic decision support for further agrotechnical procedures,” the scientists say.

In their opinion, in the long run, this effect can have a positive impact on the formation of investment attractiveness and competitive export potential of Ukraine and ensure its food security.

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