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URF contestants propose to create a “reserve in a smartphone”

URF contestants propose to create a “reserve in a smartphone”

“Reserve in a smartphone” is the name of the project concept of the new participants of the URF scientific competition. Its authors propose to create a mobile application providing access to information about the objects of the nature reserve fund of Sumy region, and later – other regions of the country.

The idea belongs to Marina Pylypenko, Olesya Yakovenko and Anastasia Mingareeva, students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography at Sumy State Pedagogical University.

“A survey of local community representatives shows that the public is not well aware of the nearby nature reserve sites, has no information about the boundaries of these sites, their status, official name, restrictions and rules of conduct there,” the contestants note.

This led to the idea of creating a mobile application that would contain all the necessary information about the nature reserve fund of Sumy region, help popularize it, and promote compliance with environmental legislation and the development of ecotourism.

The contestants also believe that preserving information about nature reserves is an important task of the concept in the context of active hostilities.

As conceived, the app should contain a number of functions and services. In particular:

  • route mapping to locations;
  • ecological and geographical description of the territory;
  • its status, photos, opportunities and restrictions related to this category of objects;
  • the possibility for users to submit their own photos;
  • advertising of green tourism sites in the surrounding communities, etc.

Starting with Sumy region, the project authors envision expanding the app’s capabilities to fully cover all available sites in Ukraine’s nature reserve fund.

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