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AZIO Launches the New RC Prestige Keyboard, a Reiteration of Their Bestselling Retro Classic Collection

AZIO Launches the New RC Prestige Keyboard, a Reiteration of Their Bestselling Retro Classic Collection

Introducing the RC Prestige Collection: Elevating the Art of Design and Mechanical Keyboard Functionality.

The cornerstone of AZIO Corporation’s success, the Retro Classic Collection, has epitomized our brand’s vision to create premium lifestyle workspace tools. The original typewriter-style keyboard, born from our dedication to excellence, has delighted our valued customers with an exceptional ownership experience and unparalleled customer support. Today, we are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our lineup: the RC Prestige Collection.

Remaining true to AZIO’s distinctive brand identity, the RC Prestige Collection introduces two new captivating colors, Ebony and Ivory, further infusing our signature material-centric design philosophy. The Ebony variant features a faceplate adorned in an elegant black wood finish, embraced by a sleek gunmetal grey aluminum frame and accents. The Ivory edition stands as a striking contrast, showcasing a refined white leather face encased within a silver aluminum profile. Every keycap set impeccably follows their respective color schemes, either presenting black keycaps with gunmetal edges or white keycaps complemented by a silver framing. This time, the keycaps are thoughtfully designed with a rounded square profile, setting them apart from the renowned circular keycaps found in our Retro Classic Collection.

In the pursuit of elegance, we have thoughtfully infused the Retro Classic design with the functionalities of a mechanical keyboard. The RC Prestige retains its timeless body profile and design palette while introducing a hot-swappable PCB, offering Gateron tactile brown switches as standard. However, the user has the freedom to personalize their typing experience by swapping these switches for others of their preference. The backlit vintage-style keycaps, crafted with MX stems, enable seamless compatibility with alternate mechanical switches or other keycap sets, empowering users to curate their ultimate typing setup. Versatility and convenience are at the forefront of the RC Prestige Collection’s connectivity options. It offers a dual connection mode, just like its Retro Classic predecessors, allowing users to connect via a reliable USB wired connection or enjoy the freedom of wireless Bluetooth connectivity for up to three devices.

At AZIO, we take immense pride in delivering high-end lifestyle keyboards to our discerning consumers. The RC Prestige Collection serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring that our keyboards resonate with our audience and elevates the standards of product design. As we continue to uphold our purpose, the RC Prestige Collection stands as an embodiment of our dedication to crafting remarkable products that enrich the lives of our valued customers.

Source: AZIO Corporation

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