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Controlled Products Systems Group Partners With RevGen Networks to Deliver IQMC Routers With Unmatched Connectivity

Controlled Products Systems Group Partners With RevGen Networks to Deliver IQMC Routers With Unmatched Connectivity

Intelligent multi-carrier technology offers nationwide coverage and remote device management

Controlled Products Systems Group (CPSG), the leading nationwide distributor of access control and security products, is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with RevGen Networks, marking a significant milestone in the world of access control and security technology. RevGen Networks, a leading cellular connectivity partner and manufacturer of multi-carrier technology, launched its groundbreaking IQMC Routers, engineered to deliver reliable, failsafe multi-carrier internet access from anywhere and provide unmatched service throughout the country. 

RevGen Networks’ unique solution for mobile internet access over 4G/5G networks makes them ideal for every application, including remote locations or internet deserts. With this powerful technology, users can enjoy high-speed internet connectivity wherever a cell signal is available. 

These cutting-edge products provide carrier-agnostic connectivity by automatically linking to over 18 carriers, including the major providers, all via a single IQMC router or one Universal SIM. Removing the need to select a carrier eliminates uncertainty and ensures nationwide coverage regardless of the location. Additionally, they offer dual-band Wi-Fi for all devices, built-in network security, guest Wi-Fi, and over-the-air software updates, simplifying billing and device management. This versatility makes them suitable for various applications in enterprise, residential, or small business settings.

Device management is a breeze, with users able to control and monitor their devices remotely through an online portal. This eliminates the need for on-site visits to address connectivity issues and allows for real-time changes, settings adjustments, activation of new routers and more, from anywhere, at any time.

Daniel Forte, Manager of Access Controls at CPSG, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “We are incredibly excited to not only introduce these cutting-edge products to our customers but with CPSG Connect, users have access to 24-hour support from industry experts. RevGen Network solutions have not only met but exceeded significant unfulfilled market demands, ensuring seamless connectivity, peace of mind, convenience, and unrivaled ease of use.”

For inquiries, to place orders, or to connect with one of CPSG’s industry experts, email [email protected].

About Controlled Products Systems Group

Controlled Products Systems Group (CPSG) is the largest wholesale distributor of perimeter access control and safety equipment in the U.S. With 34 locations, CPSG supplies equipment to authorized dealers from coast to coast. CPSG offers the highest quality, most widely recognized brands of access control products available on the market. As a broadline distributor, CPSG leads the industry with its expansive inventory, product knowledge and technical support. For more on CPSG’s products, services or a location near you, visit controlledproducts.com.

About RevGen Networks

RevGen Networks, LLC is a leading provider of LTE data connectivity solutions for businesses and residential customers across the nation. A leader in multi-carrier intelligent technology, RevGen Networks provides cutting-edge products that provide flexibility through innovation, creating carrier-agnostic connectivity and scalable data options. From the Universal IoT SIM card to the Intelligent Multi-Carrier (IQMC) router, RevGen Networks continues to lead the way in universal access solutions to connectivity challenges, offering a future-proof investment that evolves with users as technology advances. For more information, visit RevGenNetworks.com.

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Jamie Emerson

Marketing Communications Manager

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Controlled Products Systems Group Partners With RevGen Networks to Deliver IQMC Routers With Unmatched Connectivity

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