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Digital Glyde and Decube Forge Strategic Partnership, Championing Data Quality for AI Success

Digital Glyde (digitalglyde.com), a leading provider of cutting-edge tech solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Decube (decube.io), a data observability platform, to revolutionize the data landscape and ensure the highest quality of data fuels AI initiatives. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the quest for improved data governance and observability, paving the way for businesses to unlock the true potential of their AI investments.

“At Digital Glyde, we firmly believe that the quality of AI is directly tied to the quality of the data it’s built upon,” says Varun Garg, CEO at Digital Glyde. “This partnership with Decube allows us to empower our clients with advanced data observability tools, enabling them to monitor and maintain data integrity across both OLTP (operational) and OLAP (analytical) databases. This comprehensive approach ensures that AI models are trained on clean, reliable data, ultimately leading to more accurate and trustworthy results.”

Decube’s cutting-edge platform offers a robust suite of features for data observability, including:

  • Real-time data monitoring: Identifying anomalies and data quality issues in real-time, allowing for proactive intervention.
  • Lineage tracking: Tracing the origin and evolution of data throughout its journey, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Impact analysis: Understanding the downstream impact of data changes on various applications and systems.
  • Automated alerting: Receiving immediate notifications when potential data quality issues arise.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Digital Glyde, a company renowned for its innovative solutions and commitment to data-driven success,” says Jatin Solanki, CEO at Decube. “By combining our expertise in data observability with Digital Glyde’s deep understanding of AI and analytics, we can empower businesses to build trust in their data and unlock the full potential of their AI initiatives.”

This strategic partnership will provide Digital Glyde clients with access to Decube’s advanced data observability platform, seamlessly integrated into their existing tech stack. This will enable them to gain a deeper understanding of their data, proactively address quality issues, and ultimately build more reliable and effective AI models.

About Digital Glyde

Digital Glyde was established in 2020, with roots ranging back to 2004. Our goal is to bridge the “technology gap” between complex business implementations and advanced dynamic applications (like Facebook, Google, Tesla, and Amazon). We make the work environment more efficient, scalable, and profitable by utilizing real-time artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, computer vision, and other progressive technologies. Our “Digital Transformation” strategy helps to build our expertise with several developers and data scientists. 

About Decube

Decube is on a mission to make your Data Reliable & Discoverable. Founded with a single goal in mind — to revolutionize the way businesses engage with their data, Decube is at the forefront of modern data solutions. As pioneers in data trust (data observability + data discovery + data governance), we built a platform that is intuitive, innovative, and designed to supercharge your data journey. 

Source: Digital Glyde

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