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Electronic Team, Inc. Launches HelpWire: Empowering Businesses With Simple Remote Desktop Service for IT Support

Electronic Team, Inc. Launches HelpWire: Empowering Businesses With Simple Remote Desktop Service for IT Support

Meet a completely free, dedicated remote control solution for on-demand support of PCs, Macs, laptops, and workstations.

HelpWire: Free and Simple Remote Support Software

Simpler Remote Support Software: HelpWire

Electronic Team, Inc. has launched HelpWire, a free remote support service designed to assist SMBs, help desks, MSPs, and customer support departments. HelpWire provides user-friendly tools for connecting to and controlling computers remotely, enabling quick diagnosis and resolution of IT-related issues anywhere in the world.

HelpWire aims to minimize the costs and time delays often associated with technical support, expediting issue resolution for remote customers. With its simple connection methods, intuitive interface, robust remote desktop technology, and adherence to industry-leading security protocols, HelpWire ensures top-tier remote customer support services.

Key Features and Benefits of HelpWire

  • Unrestricted Access Without Hidden Fees: HelpWire offers full access to all features, enabling organizations to transition from regular to remote customer support without incurring extra costs.
  • User-friendly for Both Technicians and End-users: With its clear interface and straightforward session initiation, HelpWire eliminates the need to navigate complex settings, allowing technicians to resolve customer issues promptly.
  • Cross-platform Support: HelpWire provides native applications for both Windows and macOS, ensuring cross-platform compatibility. 
  • Essential Remote Control Tools: Features such as file transfer, simultaneous connection to multiple remote workstations, multi-monitor support, and optimized remote connections bolster HelpWire’s capabilities for delivering exceptional customer support.
  • Integrated Support Chat: A built-in text chat feature includes parallel chats, chat synchronization, session history, and an event log, enabling real-time dialogue and swift issue resolution.
  • Robust Security Standards: HelpWire prioritizes security through the use of dynamically generated unique client apps, two-factor authentication, and TLS/SSL protocols, along with AES-256 encryption for all data transfers.
  • Contacts Maintenance: HelpWire streamlines client management with features like a client directory, workstation grouping, and extended client profiles, enabling efficient tracking and support.

For more detailed information or to experience HelpWire firsthand, visit our website at helpwire.app. You can also find more information in the press kit.

About Electronic Team, Inc.

Electronic Team, Inc. is a leading technology development company headquartered in the United States and established in 2001. Specializing in remote device access utilities, media playback software, and data management solutions, among other areas, Electronic Team, Inc. has positioned itself as a foremost expert in the tech industry. Catering to over 1 million users, Electronic Team, Inc. is committed to enhancing existing products and exploring innovative domains to streamline everyday tasks, driving productivity for its users.

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Electronic Team, Inc. Launches HelpWire: Empowering Businesses With Simple Remote Desktop Service for IT Support

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