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Epomaker Celebrates Milestone Achievement as DynaTab 75X Crowdfunding Campaign Exceeds 100,000

Epomaker Celebrates Milestone Achievement as DynaTab 75X Crowdfunding Campaign Exceeds 100,000

Epomaker is thrilled to share updated news on the DynaTab 75X campaign.

This remarkable achievement underscores the overwhelming support and enthusiasm from fans and enthusiasts worldwide for Epomaker’s latest innovation.

A Heartfelt Appreciation to Epomaker’s Dedicated Fans.
Epomaker extends its deepest gratitude to each and every supporter who has contributed to the success of the DynaTab 75X crowdfunding campaign. The unwavering support, enthusiasm, and dedication from supporters have propelled Epomaker to new heights and reaffirmed Epoamker’s commitment to delivering unparalleled quality, innovation, and excellent products.

Outstanding Features of DynaTab 75X
One of the standout features of the DynaTab 75X is that it is a groundbreaking mechanical keyboard that ingeniously incorporates a gasket structure with 540 RGB color dot matrix LEDs. Featuring a mesmerizing canvas of 540 distinct RGB Dot-Matrix LEDs, the DynaTab 75X opens up a world of possibilities for intricate pattern designs and dynamic GIF animations. Exploring a myriad of custom light effects and displaying letters respond to each keystroke simultaneously on the screen. With the Epomaker driver, users can design, draw, and upload their favorite animation effects directly onto the dot matrix screen, infusing a playful touch of fun into their daily typing routine. The DynaTab 75X is equipped with its hot-swappable key switches, providing users the flexibility to customize their typing experience without the need for soldering. The button beside the dot-matrix screen is functioned as a screen controller, toggling different screen displays at a press. Thanks to the intuitive software that empowering customization in every aspect, from customizing each key to programming macros, and designing patterns and animations for the dot-matrix screen. In the realm of mechanical keyboards, the sound profile plays a pivotal role.

Last Chance for Super Early Bird Pricing
Epomaker offers a special super early bird price of $109 for the DynaTab 75X and this exclusive pricing will be available until February 26th, providing supporters with the opportunity to secure their DynaTab 75X at an unbeatable value.

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About us
Epomaker is short for Epoch of Makers. We are committed to providing feature-packed keyboards with affordable pricing that ships worldwide. Our goals for our keyboards are three things: customizability, affordability, and high standards. We are a team composed of gamers, software engineers, product designers, and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. We were inspired to create our own line of keyboards to share with the world. We wanted to make mechanical keyboards accessible to everyone. Our company is heavily dedicated towards our community-without their feedback and suggestions, this keyboard would have not been a reality.

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Agnes Du

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Epomaker Celebrates Milestone Achievement as DynaTab 75X Crowdfunding Campaign Exceeds 100,000

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