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HackerNoon Announces Four New Technology Writing Contests With $28K in Prizes Up for Grabs

HackerNoon, the independent publishing platform, announced four new Writing Contests for the tech community in partnership with IONOS, Tatum Games, Aptible, and GadflyAI. 

The contests are part of HackerNoon’s larger initiative to incentivize writers to share cutting-edge technology stories. To date, HackerNoon has distributed $276,000 in prizes via 24 different contests on a variety of tech topics generating thousands of high-quality stories, millions of reads, and years of reading time.

The running writing contests cover diverse tech domains and topics, including Web DevelopmentUnity Game DevelopmentDevOps, and the Future of AI – collectively giving away $28,000 in prizes. These contests began in July 2023 and will run until Jan. 2024.

“Incentivizing content creation is a sustainable way to market to people who care about the company’s relevant technology keywords,” said HackerNoon Creator and CEO David Smooke. “Excited to read the upcoming stories these contests generate about DevOps, the Future of AI, Unity, Web Development and more.”

Entry is free and open to anyone; however, to qualify for the contest, participants should share original and high-quality content. HackerNoon is a free-to-use, open-to-everyone publishing platform with an acceptance rate of <50%.

Finalists are determined on quality and reading time, and then HackerNoon editors vote on which of the finalists deserve prizes. Both the finalists and the winners are announced every month. Each contest has monthly individual prize amounts ranging from $1,000 to $1,500.

Here’s what our sponsors have to say about the contests:

“The MIKROS Team wants to give a HUGE shoutout and thanks to HackerNoon for hosting this writing contest and to the HackerNoon writer community. Thank you for taking an interest in the work we are so passionate about. ” – Leonard Tatum, CEO & Founder at Tatum Games.

“We’re thrilled to partner with HackerNoon for this web development writing competition. Recognizing the passion developers share for community-driven content, it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts and showcase the collective talent in the field.” – Annabelle Atchison, Head of Communications and Product Marketing at IONOS.

“We’re excited to partner with HackerNoon, to get more content written, opinions out in the open, and spur active discussion and knowledge sharing of how infrastructure is being built and utilized.” – Tin Nguyen, Head of Marketing at Aptible.

“We believe in the power of AI to transform our world, and we want to hear from those who are exploring this captivating realm. Our writing contest is a platform for those voices and visions that are shaping the future of AI.” –  Sal Kimmich, Technical Director at GadflyAI.

“While publishing isn’t guaranteed, GadflyAI and HackerNoon have an editorial team willing to suggest how content creators can improve their work. “We stand strongly by one of our founding principles: learning should be accessible to everyone,” GadflyAI’s CEO added.

Interested in running a writing contest or participating in one? Check out contests.hackernoon.com for more details. 

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Sheharyar Khan

Editor, Business Technology

[email protected]

Limarc Ambalina

VP of Editorial

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HackerNoon Announces Four New Technology Writing Contests With $28K in Prizes Up for Grabs

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