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Infegy & People First Announce a Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Solution

Infegy & People First Announce a Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Solution

Today, Infegy and People First announced a partnership to power influencer marketing campaigns through unlimited access to social media insights. The partnership represents the most data-driven solution for brands and causes to help them find the right message and source the right messengers.

Infegy’s data insight platform derives business knowledge from social media data with the highest precision. Instead of the industry standard of basic sentiment analysis and overreliance on Twitter (X) data, brands can conduct complex analyses of themes and emotions based on unlimited organic data from TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and many other channels, as well as integrate standard and custom data sets from Salesforce, FEC, YouGov, NationBuilder, and others. 

People First recruits influencers at unprecedented precision. Instead of databases of the usual suspects, People First identifies influencers based on specific criteria such as location, profession, patient condition, ethnicity, employer, political party, and even affinity across any follower count.

The partnership enables brands to “cast” truly data-driven influencer programs at unprecedented precision based on diverse demographics, psychographics, engagements, and interests. Brands can then measure and optimize these programs by measuring the impact of the message and messenger. For example, clients can now identify influencers based on who reads Vogue or is active in rural politics. In addition to its subscription platform, Infegy will offer its first managed services solution with People First to aid brands in translating social data into business outcomes.

“The partnership between Infegy and People First delivers on the promise of marketers to deliver the messages consumers want to hear from the messengers they want to hear it from,” said People First CEO Curtis Hougland. “Consumers increasingly rely on their communities to inform their decisions rather than corporations, government, and the media. The messenger matters as much as the message, and we can deliver both at unprecedented precision.”

“Infegy data is now even more actionable because we can more precisely help brands translate it into business outcomes,” said Infegy CEO Justin Graves. “Infegy’s Starscape platform not only unlocks unlimited data at faster speeds from more datasets than competitors, but we are also making the data even more actionable for clients, including the most precise influencer campaigns to date.” 

For the first time, Infegy will complement its best-in-class SaaS platform with a managed service offering to deliver custom campaigns, bespoke research, and precise influencer identification. For example, clients use Infegy and People First to create social media war rooms to rapidly respond to threats and opportunities emerging in the discourse based on world-class data. People First will pair Infegy’s self-service platform with their expertise to create better custom client reporting and solutions.

True to their roots, Infegy and People First also plan to support public good projects through the partnership.

About Infegy: Founded in 2007, Infegy combines an accessible data visualization platform with the most comprehensive social listening analytics on the market. Combining diverse analytics, AI, and dataset capabilities, Infegy allows clients to find the foundational insights they need to make strategic business decisions. Infegy, based in Kansas City, Missouri, was named a 2023 Best Place to Work KC. Visit www.infegy.com for more information.

About People First: People First pioneered precision influencer marketing. Read about our origin story in politics and advocacy in Vanity Fair. People First unlocks the ability to source creators from any community across any social or digital channel. The company recognizes how consumers respond to messages from their peer groups and how the messenger matters as much as the message. Visit www.peoplefirst.cc for more information.

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Infegy & People First Announce a Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Solution

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