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KAVVO Unveils HOP Series Smartwatch: The Revolutionary Stylish Smartwatch With Super-Glow

KAVVO Unveils HOP Series Smartwatch: The Revolutionary Stylish Smartwatch With Super-Glow

Featuring the exquisite Super-Glow luminous bezel, 1.43-Inch Large AMOLED Colorful Display, T-Boxing Rugged Design, and many powerful functions, the KAVVO HOP series smartwatch launches on Kickstarter on Jan. 29. Super-Early Bird price starts from USD 99.

Stepping beyond the conventional, KAVVO HOP is a statement piece, meticulously crafted for the fashion-forward individual who appreciates the finer details in technology and design. Awarded by the famous Muse Design Awards and the Design iT Awards, the KAVVO HOP aims to indulge the unique fusion of form and function, transforming the smartwatch into a fashion statement while offering an extensive range of powerful functions as a wearable device.  

At the forefront of its many features is the pioneering Super-Glow Technology. Combined with the high-luminance hybrid backlight technology, over 50 luminous miniature LEDs are precisely arranged under the transparent bezel to curate the super-glow light effects of simultaneous luminescence for the bezel and the AMOLED display. Thanks to the custom PC material and an exclusive color formula, the bezel is able to curate a sophisticated translucent ivory color that delivers a soft-yet-stunning luminosity with the tested brightness of the LEDs. Whether basking in bright sunlight or nestled in a dimly lit room, the HOP guarantees that your data is visible and vividly detailed, ensuring you stay informed and in style.

Embedded with the Osi-Core platform, the KAVVO HOP is designed with the active individual in mind, offering over 110 meticulously designed sports modes to cater to every sport’s unique demands. Operating at a maximum frequency of 100MHz, paired with 256Mb Nor Flash storage, and enhanced by acceleration, heart rate, and blood oxygen sensors, the Osi-Core sets new benchmarks in performance. But the HOP’s commitment doesn’t end with sports. It extends to your overall well-being, featuring continuous heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen tracking, and a suite of wellness features like stress management and sleep analysis, positioning the HOP as your dedicated partner in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

In marrying durability with elegance, the HOP stands as a testament to KAVVO’s commitment to excellence. Its T-Boxing impact-resistant glass, with a thickness ranging from 1.8 to 2.5mm, protects the smartwatch from scratches, corrosion, and impactful forces of falling down. Despite its resilience, the HOP boasts a lightweight and sleek design, making it the perfect accessory for every setting, be it the rugged outdoors or the bustling urban landscape.

Supported by the Bluetooth 5.2 feature, the HOP ensures you stay in sync with your digital life even while on the way. With compatibility across multiple devices and support for various languages, the HOP integrates seamlessly into your life, keeping you connected to what matters most.

Availability and Pricing

The KAVVO HOP smartwatch will be launched on Kickstarter on Jan 29. The Super-Early Bird price starts from $99. For more information, please visit the campaign page on Kickstarter.

Source: KAVVO Global

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