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Netsol Drives Automotive Innovation With Flash-Like MRAM Breakthrough

Memory innovator Netsol has announced a major leap in the memory technology with the development of a Flash-like MRAM.

Following the successful release of STT-MRAM products earlier last year and successful design wins with smart meters, PLCs, and HMIs, the company is utilizing Samsung Foundry’s 14nm FinFET process for its next MRAM solution.

The Flash-like MRAM, currently in development, introduces a significant boost in capacity, ranging from 128Mb to 1Gb. 

Engineered for performance, the Flash-like MRAM supports rapid data read and write operations with Octal SPI (OPI) support and an operating frequency of up to 200MHz, enabling data transfer speeds of up to 400MBps. 

Crucially, Flash-like MRAM serves as a game-changing alternative for customers dissatisfied with the limitations of NOR Flash. Overcoming poor endurance and slow write speeds associated with NOR Flash, this innovation is set to address the evolving needs of for automotive applications. 

One notable feature is its efficiency in Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrades, significantly reducing firmware upgrade times because program time is very short and no erase operation is required. Moreover, data retention remains robust, unaffected by the number of write cycles, even at elevated temperatures reaching 125 degrees Celsius for over a decade.

Netsol has also considered user convenience by maintaining compatibility with NOR Flash, enabling a seamless transition for NOR Flash users.

Notably, Netsol emphasizes the Flash-like MRAM’s suitability for automotive applications, where its exceptional radiation hardness ensures reliability in challenging environments. 

This tailored approach aligns with the growing demand for high-performance memory solutions in the automotive sector.


Source: Netsol

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