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RADICL ‘DIB Cybersecurity Maturity Report | 2024’ Uncovers Alarming Gaps Within U.S. Defense Industrial Base SMBs

RADICL ‘DIB Cybersecurity Maturity Report | 2024’ Uncovers Alarming Gaps Within U.S. Defense Industrial Base SMBs

Sixty Percent of SMBs Say They Struggle With Cyberthreat Detection and Response, Have Had Four-Plus Compromised Users in the Past Year and Only 11% are CMMC Level 2-Ready

RADICL, a cybersecurity innovator on a mission to better secure SMBs serving national defense and critical infrastructure, has released the findings from its inaugural “DIB Cybersecurity Maturity Report | 2024.”  

To better understand how SMBs in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) protect themselves, RADICL surveyed 423 IT practitioners at companies with 101 to 250 employees. Those surveyed also identified that a significant portion of their company’s revenue comes from defense contracts with government agencies. The report aimed to assess the current state of cybersecurity within these crucial SMBs, uncover their most significant security challenges, understand their experiences working with outsourced service providers, and identify where they currently stand on their CMMC compliance journey.  

“Our report illuminates a significant gap in the cybersecurity maturity and posture of SMBs serving the DIB,” said Chris Petersen, co-founder and CEO of RADICL. “While it is encouraging that most prioritize improvements, there are critical and concerning lags that expose these innovative companies.  

“This report should be a wake-up call for the Department of Defense, U.S. policymakers, and SMB CEOs. There are concerning gaps in the ability of SMBs to deter, detect and respond to cyberthreats. CMMC/NIST 800-171 compliance, which mandates fundamental IT security controls, is also behind pace,” continued Petersen. “In contrast, nation-state cyberthreats are not behind pace and will continue to compromise DIB SMBs, steal their data, and disrupt their operations.” 

Key findings include:  

  • 61% report low to medium effectiveness in threat investigation, and 54% report low to medium effectiveness in threat hunting. 
  • 59% would take a week or more to detect a threat in their environment.  
  • 46% say cybersecurity-related incidents have cost their company $100,001 or more. Of those, 12% report that the cost was more than $500,001. 
  • 60% had four or more user/email accounts compromised in the past year.  
  • 59% had four or more of their endpoints compromised in the past year.  
  • The biggest security challenge is implementing and maintaining compliance with regulations, including CMMC.  
  • 81% have started the CMMC compliance process; however, only 13% are compliant with Level 1, and 11% are compliant with Level 2. 
  • The biggest challenge with outsourced providers is inadequate response time to security issues and incidents
  • Their biggest security priority in 2024 is strengthening access control policies and enforcement around sensitive data.  

To view a full copy of the report, visit https://radicl.com/radicl_dib-cybersecurity-maturity-report_2024

About RADICL  

RADICL provides SMBs in America’s Defense Industrial Base Xtended Threat Protection (XTP). RADICL’s purpose-built and proprietary XTP platform delivers SMBs full-spectrum threat protection and compliance management that is quick, easy, and affordable. The RADICL XTP Platform powers an AI-augmented virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC), delivering customers 24×7 automated threat analytics and monitoring, deep threat hunts, incident response, vulnerability management, security awareness training, and managed compliance adherence. RADICL enables SMBs in the DIB to spend more time running a profitable business to support our country and less time worrying about security and compliance. To learn more about RADICL XTP, visit www.RADICL.com

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RADICL 'DIB Cybersecurity Maturity Report | 2024' Uncovers Alarming Gaps Within U.S. Defense Industrial Base SMBs

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