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SportGait New Version 2.0 Connects Athletes and Patients Remotely With Healthcare Providers

The addition of remote patient monitoring – coupled with additional health metrics – gives healthcare providers extended reach and improved variables to enable better outcomes for concussed patients.

SportGait, the brain wellness and medical technology company helping to assess and monitor concussions, proudly announced today the launch of its feature-rich remote patient monitoring platform. The new technology brings to the concussion care market groundbreaking features such as remote patient monitoring, seamless communications, and a fully configurable platform for healthcare providers to better support their patients.

“By enhancing our already powerful platform with these additional features, we have dramatically increased the functionality and usability for all users,” said SportGait President and CEO Chris Newton. “One of the key new features we’re excited about is the enhanced communications capability, which will allow multidisciplinary teams to track patient progress while communicating across an array of devices, providing a new level of flexibility and convenience.”

SportGait’s scalable platform is used by healthcare providers and was developed by a team of doctors and scientists focused on the field of concussion. With the new SportGait features, doctors will be able to track patients remotely, including accessing important recovery metrics like sleep and hydration. The new application features at-home and telehealth services, which have been growing in popularity in recent years. In addition, the fully customizable platform allows doctors to tailor the system to meet their specific needs, whether on the sidelines, in the clinic, or in the home.

“By constantly improving our technology, we are ensuring that SportGait remains the leader in concussion decision support and care systems,” continued Newton. “The latest added features put us in a position to keep innovating in the space, potentially adding wearables or integrating other hardware if and when appropriate.”

The new SportGait version is available now. Healthcare providers should contact SportGait, and consumers can download SportGait Mobile from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

About SportGait

SportGait is a concussion support and recovery system that offers a scalable platform for medical providers, coaches, and parents. Their array of assessments is best-in-class and research-backed with the goal of bridging brain wellness with medical technology. The scientifically developed system aids and educates users in effectively evaluating and monitoring concussions. SportGait is a highly trusted source of medical technology and was chosen to be the enterprise-wide standard for concussion testing for one of the top five largest hospital systems in the U.S. For more information, please visit https://sportgait.com.

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SportGait New Version 2.0 Connects Athletes and Patients Remotely With Healthcare Providers

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