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Swann Security Unveils Game-Changing Personal Safety Device: Swann ActiveResponse Personal Safety Alarm

Swann Security Unveils Game-Changing Personal Safety Device: Swann ActiveResponse Personal Safety Alarm

Swann Security ActiveResponse?

Swann Security ActiveResponse?

Swann Security, a global leader in security solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking personal safety product, the Swann ActiveResponse™ personal safety alarm. This innovative device marks a significant leap forward in personal safety technology, empowering individuals to take control of their safety like never before.

Designed with the modern world in mind, the ActiveResponse™ Personal Safety Alarm is a compact and user-friendly device that offers unparalleled peace of mind, whether at home, in transit or on the go. 

When you find yourself in the presence of danger or become lost, pull the pin for a loud 110 decibel siren and/or push the button to alert your nominated personal contact. With the addition of an ActiveResponse™ plan, activating the siren or pressing the button can, via Bluetooth and your phone, alert up to five nominated personal contacts and/or Swann’s monitoring center and local police with an SMS that includes your GPS location.. 

Carry in your hand, pocket or bag, wear as a necklace or attach to a keyring, handbag, school bag, backpack and more. With sturdy construction and long battery life, it’s perfect for walks, runs, hiking or day-to-day travel and has the power to potentially save your life.

Key features of the Swann ActiveResponse™ Personal Alarm include:

  • Pairs to your phone & the Swann Security app via Bluetooth, connecting family & friends with emergency services.
  • Easy to Use: Activate a Loud 110 DB Siren by pulling emergency pin to scare would-be perpetrators away and alert those around you that you are in distress.
  • Long Battery Life from 1x CR2 Battery (included).
  • Lock & Unlock When Needed: There’s a screw lock to deactivate the Alarm when you know you’re safe. You can easily turn it back on when you’re going out.
  • Discreet, Lightweight & Stylish Design: making it easy to carry around in your keyring, pocket or bag. Compact, stylish and lightweight aluminum case. Available in attractive Aqua and Black finishes.  
  • SMS Alerts to Emergency Contacts: Your Primary Emergency Contact will receive an alert (including the location) if you have activated an alarm.
  • Subscribe for Greater Security: Becoming a member allows you to nominate up to five personal emergency contacts. Plus, pressing the button or activating the siren sends an instant message (via Bluetooth on your phone) to Swann’s professional monitoring center and, if necessary, local police.
  • Travel Compatible: Carry wherever you go including domestic air travel, as the Alarm can be taken through security screening at airports and is allowed to be carried onto planes, where pepper sprays and tasers aren’t. Once you touch down, the included accessories give you options on whether you carry, wear or clip it. 

“Swann Security is committed to enhancing personal safety and providing individuals with the tools they need to protect themselves and their loved ones,” said Alex Talevski, CEO of Swann Security. “With the ActiveResponse Personal Safety Alarm, we’re empowering people to be proactive about their safety, offering a lifeline that fits right in their pocket. We see this product helping a wide range of our consumers from the young adult/student to working professionals to the elderly and those with disabilities.”

The ActiveResponse Personal Safety Alarm is available for purchase at select retailers including Sam’s Club stores, samsclub.com and online at www.swann.com

Swann Security invites everyone to experience a new level of personal security with this innovative device. Whether they are walking near home, transiting to work or traveling long distances, no one should feel unsafe. ActiveResponse™ is here to help.

About Swann Security:

Swann has been in the security business for over 35 years. As the worldwide leader of wired, DIY security solutions, Swann helps its customers protect their homes, businesses, and garages no matter where life takes them. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Swann creates innovative DIY security solutions. Swann is the only brand that offers a complete lineup of inter-connectable wired and wireless security solutions, all controllable via the Swann Security app, and wholly integrated with Hey Google and Alexa. Follow Swann for the most up-to-date product and company news on FacebookYouTubeTwitter LinkedInInstagram and TikTok

Contact Information:

Jennifer Buonantony

PR for Swann USA

[email protected]


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Swann Security Unveils Game-Changing Personal Safety Device: Swann ActiveResponse Personal Safety Alarm

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